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Attorneys for Atlanta Appeals

We are Atlanta Georgia appellate lawyers with extensive experience in the field of Atlanta Georgia appellate law. It takes special experience to handle appeals in Atlanta Georgia compared to trial court cases. We offer compelling oral arguments for your case and are experienced in the preparation of Georgia appellate briefs. It is our goal to succeed when you succeed, which is why our Atlanta appeals lawyers are client-focused. Each case is treated with all the passion we have for what we do. Contact us today at 1-(770) 284-3147 for your free and confidential consultation if you are considering appealing. Your appeals case can be supported by our legal team. You can count on Brownstone to fight for justice for you by using innovative and thorough methods. Additionally, we handle Atlanta criminal appeals, as well as appeals in all Atlanta Courts of Appeal.

Atlanta Georgia Appeals Lawyers

Federal criminal cases are among the types of cases we handle at our Atlanta appellate law firm. We handle a wide variety of criminal appeals in Atlanta, including drug crimes, drug trafficking, conspiracy, and firearm enhancements. Our Georgia appeals lawyers also handle healthcare fraud appeals, which include practices carried out by or on behalf of Medicare and Medicaid, hospitals, doctors, nursing homes, medical suppliers, and research laboratories. Among the types of healthcare fraud are billing for services that were not actually completed or provided, billing for unnecessary medical services, double billing, upcoding, bundling, fraudulent cost reporting by providers, and kickbacks. Click here to view our main Georgia appeals lawyers page.

Additionally to complex health care fraud cases, Brownstone’s Atlanta appeals lawyers can handle medical malpractice, foreclosures, business law, environmental litigation, labor law, and more. You can negotiate a payment plan that suits your needs, and most of our work is done for a flat rate. Clients of our appellate law firm can be represented in the federal appeal courts of Georgia and the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals, as well as the United States Supreme Court. We are one of the nation’s most experienced federal appellate law firms because we strive for excellence. Our clients benefited from our efforts by creating value for them. Whether you are a large bank, an individual, a corporation, or an insurance agent, we can represent you. Because appellate procedures can be very complicated, an Atlanta appeal attorney with experience is essential. As a result of our litigation strategy, we have been able to win federal appeals. The Atlanta appeals lawyers at our firm are some of the most experienced litigators in the country. Members of the Order of Coif, former law clerks, and former prosecutors are all on our roster. In Georgia and across the country, Brownstone’s team of outstanding federal appeal lawyers serves clients. Fulton County Georgia’s Court of Appeals is the most common place where appeals in Atlanta began.

Law firm specializing in criminal appeals in Atlanta, Georgia

Maintain a strong reputation for representing clients on appeal in Georgia’s appellate courts, including the Supreme Court. There is a difference between criminal charges in Atlanta and those in the state. Choosing an appellate lawyer who is skilled and experienced in appellate law, sentencing guidelines for appeals, and the rules of appellate procedure is crucial. Feel free to contact our Atlanta appeals attorneys today for a free case review. As well as handling civil appeals in Atlanta and Savannah, we can handle criminal appeals as well. 

In state and federal courts, our firm is known for its appellate advocacy. The briefs we write for clients are designed to win the appeal. Appellate attorneys at our Atlanta, Georgia firm handle a wide range of civil appeals in state courts, including property, commercial disputes, contracts, torts, business disputes, family law, and corporate matters. Appealing a criminal sentence can mean the difference between getting a lower sentence, getting a new trial, or having the case vacated. It is important to choose a law firm with experience in winning appeals. Appeals attorneys at our firm are experienced in all types of post-conviction relief, Georgia habeas corpus, and federal writs. Attorneys at our firm represent clients in appeals of convictions and sentences in criminal cases

Lawyers in Atlanta who handle criminal appeals

Our criminal Atlanta appeals lawyers understand that facing unfavorable legal decisions can feel like the end of your life. In reality, that’s not the case. It is up to the United States justice system to ensure that you receive the justice you deserve – the appeals process. If the sentence was excessive, the trial court abused its discretion, there were legal mistakes, or there were incorrect jury instructions, you can appeal.

Get in touch with Brownstone’s Atlanta appeals lawyers to find out what options are available to you. There are many types of criminal appeals we can handle, including drug trafficking, financial fraud, business torts, copyright infringement, Medicare fraud, improper solicitation of patients, internet pharmacy violations, HUD appeals, customs enforcement appeals, and international trade commission appeals. We may be able to obtain new trials, reduced sentences, or even acquittals in all of these cases.

There are often complex issues involved in Georgia appellate litigation that should be handled by Georgia appeals attorneys. Brownstone Law focuses exclusively on appeals in Georgia so that our clients receive the representation they deserve when fighting for their rights. As Georgia appellate lawyers, we have experience representing clients on difficult appeals.