Can I use any tumbler for sublimation?

The short answer is no, you can’t use any tumbler for sublimation. If you want to do this on your own, I recommend using a glass jar or ceramic dish instead of plastic. The lid may break if it’s not made of thick enough material though (e.g., glass or ceramic).

It depends on the tumbler.

It depends on the sublimation tumblers. If you’re using a plastic tumbler, I wouldn’t recommend it—the heat from your coffee will deform the plastic and make it difficult for your design to transfer onto the shirt. Glass is okay, but the lid may break if you drop it too much or have too many knocks against it while pouring inks into your design. If you’re hand-painting your design, then any type of tumbler should work great!

If it’s made of plastic, I wouldn’t recommend it.

If your tumbler is made of plastic, it may not be the best choice for sublimating. This is because plastic tumblers are more likely to break and melt the design on your shirt. Plus, if you’ve ever gone through the trouble of removing a tumbling cup before using it as an ironing board, you know how much work (and mess) they can make!

Some manufacturers do offer non-plastic options that are safe for 20oz sublimation tumbler but they tend to cost more than their plastic counterparts.

Glass is okay, but the lid may break.

If you’re using glass, it will break.

The lid is the most important part of a tumbler and should be made of plastic or metal. The material used to make the lid determines how long your tumbler lasts. If it’s too thin, the lid could break easily; if it’s too thick (or if there are multiple parts), then this could cause damage to other parts of the device as well. In addition to these considerations regarding durability, some designs may be overcomplicated and therefore more likely to break under stress from excessive shaking during use or falling off while being carried around by someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing—which would happen with any size container!

It all depends on size and thickness of the design.

The design of your tumbler should be small, thin and flat. If it’s too big or has a lot of detail, you may experience problems with sublimation.

If the design is very small and/or thick, then it may not work well with sublimation because there won’t be enough space for heat to soak into the tumbler and melt off ink completely. This would mean that some parts will still have an image printed on them after being printed onto fabric or paper (known as “ghosting”). You can use these types of designs if you want them made into clothing but only if they’re small enough so that they don’t cause any issues during printing!


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