12 Secrets to Success in International Criminal Law Essay Writing

Worried about your performance in the international criminal law essay that is due soon? We got you. This article contains a mix of guidelines for the writing process and 12 top-tier secrets to ace your essay in no time.

Law essays are particularly difficult to write because the nature of research questions varies in each essay. However, as a rule of thumb, a good international criminal law essay takes the arguments at face level and builds an entire hierarchy of claims backed by strong evidence in the papers.

Per the facts and figures by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, 70% of the countries that participated in the survey implement the ICCS rules and 56% have started working on the policies to counter the human rights violations and the intent to destroy living communities.

 Before proceeding to the guidelines on how to craft successful papers on international criminal law essay topics, let us first review how ICL works.

What is International Criminal Law?

Per the definition provided by Professionals in Humanitarian Assistance and Protection (PHAP), International Criminal Law gives a code of conduct against international crimes such as genocide, war criminal activities, aggression and crimes that count under the violation of humanity and the procedures to be followed when the cases are presented in front of international courts and criminal tribunals.

 ICL deals with the crises that take place in times of humanitarian conflicts and it establishes the criminal responsibility of individuals.

How to Write an International Criminal Law Essay? 12 Secrets to Success

Do you want to get a first-class distinction in Law? With effort, hard work and the right guidelines, you can achieve anything. This article will help you perfect your International Criminal Law essays per the requirements of your institute.

However, mere guidelines are not enough. You also need to research your topic well enough before you start writing your papers. Some students are generally weak in the research part, and a significant portion of them also lack good writing skills. If you fall in the lot, you must get essay writing help from law essay writers available online. They can make your work shine.

Coming back to the guidelines, here are top-tier 12 guidelines that shall assist you in succeeding in your papers. Let us start from the basics:

1. Start in Advance

Do not wait till the last minute to start working on your essay. Your international criminal law essay is going to take time for its completion and leaving it till the last minute shall only give you unwanted and unneeded stress. You should start working early on your essay so that you do not run out of time when the referencing of the essay still needs to be done.

Plan things in advance and make sure that you have a list of the right resources to consult for research purposes. You can ask for the help of your supervisor in this domain.

2. Understand the Research Questions

You should start working on your essay until you fully comprehend the research questions. All successful essays on International Criminal Law topics have one thing in common and that is the content of such essay effectively addresses the research questions. You cannot begin to answer the research questions unless you have comprehended them well first. That is why, you should know the key concepts of your essay before you start researching the topic.

3. Make A Detailed Plan

You cannot effectively finish your research if you do not have a plan from the start. Know the time you have left for the completion of your essay and plan things accordingly. Outline the main points and jot down what you want to achieve in your paper.

You should have a clear idea about what concepts you want to bring forward and discuss in your essay. It shall also help you keep the International Criminal Law essay structure on point.

4. Conduct Thorough Research

It is a no-brainer that you need to strengthen your research game if you want to succeed in your essay with brilliant grades. A successful law essay writer always researches his topic adequately before starting the writing process.

Consult all the relevant sources and keep track of the information you come across during your research. Remember that you shall have to mention the sources of your information in the reference list later on.

5. Draft a Compelling Introduction

A great introduction must outline the topic you have chosen for your essay. As the introduction is one of the significant parts of a law essay, you should know that it sets the tone for the rest of your paper.

It will be helpful to start with an interesting quote about your topic and provide the readers with a road map for your essay. Remember not to add too many details in this part because the main essay body is where you discuss the subject matter in depth.

6. Write a Strong Thesis Statement

Needless to say, the thesis statement of your essay must be strong so that you may base your arguments on the statement you specify. Craft a strong thesis statement and place it in the introduction of your work.

Then, you shall have to move towards the International Criminal Law essay questions. Critically analyse the topic and avoid stating the most obvious point of view – you should always have a clear idea about what you want to include in your essay.

7. Know Your Counter-Arguments

Just as developing the essay with key arguments is important; you also need to know your counter-arguments for making your essay extra-impressive for the readers. You can demonstrate a deeper understanding of your topic when you explain the response to counterarguments in your essay. It makes the content of your essay even more convincing for the readers.

8. A Strong Conclusion

You should not underestimate the importance of a sound conclusion in your criminal law essay. Take the conclusion as an opportunity to summarise the key arguments you have made in your essay and restate the International Criminal Law essay thesis statement in this portion. Show the readers that you have answered all the questions and your main arguments establish the thesis statement of your essay.

9. Review Closely and Carefully

After finishing the writing process, leave the essay for a while and if possible, go out for a walk. Freshen up and take your mind off your international criminal law essay. Once you gain your energy back, sit down to edit the content of your essay.

Revise the first draft and highlight the areas that need improvement. Check if there is a logical flow in your work and re-read the essay critically. Improve the parts that need to be corrected.

10. Stay Alert for the Grammatical Issues

Once you are done reviewing your papers for the content and themes, it shall be time to check the grammatical accuracy of your international criminal law essay. Make sure to take your time and remove all kinds of spelling, punctuation and grammar mistakes in your papers. You can either proofread your essays on your own or ask any external person to do it for you.

11. Use Correct Legal Terms

When writing an international criminal law essay, you should focus on using the legal terms in the right way in your work. If you are unaware of the context of a certain term, refer to the legal thesaurus to know the meaning. However, you should avoid being too sophisticated in the use of legal jargon because it will affect the readability of your essay.

It is still better to compile the frequently used legal phrases and terms and build a vocab bank. Such a collection comes in handy when you are having a hard time with your essay.

12. Check the Submission Guidelines

Before the submission of your international criminal law essay, you must have checked the submission guidelines thoroughly and carefully. Ensure that the essay meets the style, referencing and presentation requirements of your department. Also, make sure that you have checked the word count requirements and that your essay follows the general writing instructions.

Such double-checking shall save you from the deduction of your marks for minor and smaller reasons. Be vigilant when submitting your papers!

What Is the Purpose of International Criminal Law?

The main purpose of ICL is to end the causes of conflict in the most critical international crimes that threaten the harmony of global communities. It also aids in the prevention of such crimes by the different states or societies. The area of jurisdiction and the structure of International Criminal Court is governed by The Rome Statute.

What Is the Difference Between ICL and IHL?

As specified by Diakonia International Humanitarian Law Centre, the ICL deals with the criminal liability of people for serious breaches relating to international law. The main categories that ICL deals with are the following:

  • Crimes that harm humanity
  • Genocide
  • War crimes
  • Crime of aggression

On the other hand, International Humanitarian Law exposes the perpetrators of such crimes. It also pushes them towards criminal liability for their actions. IHL usually applies in armed conflicts and is considered amongst the complementary bodies of law.

International Criminal Law Essay Topics for 2024

Being a law student, a challenging thing when writing essays for International Criminal Law is the selection of the topic. When you choose the wrong topic, you end up with a badly written essay which harms your grade. Here, we are about to provide you with some unique, popular and best International Criminal Law essay ideas that you can use for your essay.

The list of such topics is mentioned here:

  1. Your opinion on the usefulness of death penalty as punishment for criminals
  2. The ethical and legal issues that surround the use of informants in criminal investigations and proceedings
  3. The opportunities present and challenges faced in the legalisation of marijuana for medical uses in the international criminal court
  4. Highlight 5 major problems of the International Criminal Justice methods and the ways to fix them
  5. Does the death penalty effectively deter crime? Support your answer with factual evidence.
  6. What can be the possible reasons for the increase in number of sexual assaults in the Army?
  7. The zero-tolerance policy of Trump regarding illegal immigration. Comment on whether the US policy should treat refugees in a kind manner.
  8. What are the repercussions of the one-child policy in China on the population?
  9. Explain the concept of the Declaration of Independence compelling in the United States
  10. Comment on the measures taken by states on border security and the improvement in immigration enforcement policies.

International Criminal Law Essay Examples

Academic writing is not a piece of cake, especially when it is related to the legal systems of the international community. To help you write top-notch papers, here is an example of an international criminal law essay that you should review before you start crafting your papers:


This article has provided you with the best tips to solidify your claims in an international criminal law essay and write it in the best possible structure. Ensure that there is a logical flow in your essay and all paragraphs shall be linked to each other. Furthermore, you should also make sure that there are no grammatical, contextual or punctuation mistakes in your essay.

Understandably, it can be challenging for you to meet the requirements of such essays on your own as the research part is complicated, and it is tough to obtain evidence that relates directly to your topic of research. In such cases, acquire essay writing services from a trustworthy source such as The Academic Papers UK. Their writers provide the students with custom-written papers that are tailored to their individual requirements. You can communicate your requirements to them and get a fine paper.