DeAnne Stidham Net Worth And Lifestyle 2022

Today I am going to share DeAnne Stidham Net Worth, DeAnne Stidham is the founder and President of LuLaRoe, a company that offers clothing for women. Her Net worth is estimated to be approximately $50 million.

The company began to grow rapidly in 2013, eventually reaching $1 billion in revenue by 2016. Even so, the company later encountered accusations of poor quality work by vendors it worked with, which has resulted in many tens of millions of dollars in lawsuits.

DeAnne Stidham Net Worth

Full Name DeAnne Stidham
Birth Date 1959
Birth Place Pasadena, California, United States of America
Profession Co-Founder and President of LuLaRoe
Net Worth $50 million
Age (63 years old)


Early Life

DeAnne comes from a business family with firsthand experience in the field. She spent some of her youth with her great-grandfather William Startup, who saw the founding father of the British candy business.
His father, Elbert Startup, is the American Family and Femininity Institute founder. DeAnne was born into a loving family with 10 siblings; her other sister also had a twin sister.

DeAnne Stidham Net Worth and Career

Since DeAnne used to go to church, she would be open to the possibility some of those girls would approach her when they desired to look great while visiting the church. Although her whole enterprise was coming to fruition, she didn’t have a chance to expand her business. One day one of her daughters suggested that DeAnne make a maxi skirt for her. At first, DeAnne held back and did not favor the idea of buying a simple one. However, those in the marketplace were not well suited for the adult daughter of her height.

As a result, DeAnne created an additional secret for her daughter, and soon her close friends started inquiring about where she purchased it. She sold more than 40 skirts and collected more than 20,000 orders within this timeframe. DeAnne could manufacture and sell more than 20,000 of these skirts within half a year. Mark started partaking in his wife’s contracting business as the enterprise grew. He continued to help out with that work as the business evolved.

This was when the LuLaRoe brand was started in 2013. The origin of this brand derives from the names of its owners’ grandchildren, such as Lucy, Lola, and Monroe. Sugar Miller also aspired to add to the business model that existed in the market.

Personal Life

DeAnne and Mark have been dating since 1998. LuLaRoe is renowned for its recruitment techniques used by former employees to draw in their family members.

In the reality show Sugar & Chic, it is claimed that on the 6th floor where the LuLaRoe headquarters is located, more than 85 percent of the population is from the Stidham household.

DeAnne Stidham Net Worth

As of 2022, The Stidham family has a combined net worth of about $100 million, with DeAnne Stidham Net Worth estimated to be about $50 million. Due to the various claims and lawsuits the company has dealt with in the last couple of years, this net worth figure would not have been anywhere near what we have today if these allegations and lawsuits had not tarnished DeAnne.

In 2021, LuLaRoe had to pay $4.74 million in settling a Washington lawsuit along with severe damage to the brand image of LuLaRoe.