Dr. Dre Net Worth And LifeStyle 2022

Do you know about Dr. Dre Net Worth? Usually, when the public looks at Dr Dre, they consider him a musical legend but when you’re going deeper into the topic you slowly have the realization that Dr Dre is not only one of the legendary rappers but also a world-renowned producer, composer and entrepreneur.

He has engraved his name with gold letters in the music industry in America. Dr. Dre began his career in 1985 when he was a part of a group called World Class Wreckin’Cru. Then, Dr. Dre joined a gangsta rap band N. W. A. He was quite well-known in the group because his raps portrayed street’s life flawlessly and he also brought fame to his version of the West Coast G-Funk.
Dr. Dre has been the co-founder of Death Row Records and has also been a CEO. He is the current chief executive officer of Aftermath Entertainment and Beats Electronics. Dr. Dre also co-founded both companies. Dr. Dre has an estimated net worth of $800 Million.

A common known fact about Dr Dre is that he’s a perfectionist who worked on a highly anticipated album for over a decade and had every great rapper work on it. Dr Dre has had some very high profile and legendary rappers on his aftermath roster artists such as Rack Kim and Busta rhymes but as of right now Dre’s label roster includes Dre himself Eminem Kendrick Lamar Anderson Pack and Silk Sonic. Now let’s take a look at how Dre was working on his music to understand why he’s such a legendary producer. When you listen to his albums from front to back you can notice the transitions that Dre likes to use so much if Dre is producing someone’s album he’s always keeping his eye on how one song will transition to another mostly it’s a simple fade but a lot of the times beats spill from one to another.

Dr. Dre Net Worth

Net Worth:$800 Million
Born:February 18, 1965
Country of Origin:United States of America
Source of Wealth:Hip-Hop Producer/Entrepreneur
Height:6 ft (1.85 m)

Dr. Dre Net Worth

Dr Dre faced a lot of hardship early in his life his story is a true rags to riches tale he may have grown up dirt poor but today his net worth is $500 million dollars. Dr dre worked tirelessly to earn his millions he parlayed his rhyming skills into a successful rap career and then he turned that rap career into a business empire. Dr. Dre’s Popularity is a household name across the globe. Dr. Dre has made waves through his amazing voice and contributions to the industry of music.

Early Life

Dr. Dre, real name Andre Romelle Young, was born on February 18, 1965, in Compton, California. The couple got married in 1964, divorced in 1968, and separated in 1972. His mother later married again and they had 3 children, including two boys, Jerome and Tyree and Tyree, both deceased, and a daughter named Shameka. Dre was a student at Vanguard Junior High School in Compton. However, because of the rising violence from gangs, Dre was forced to move his school to Roosevelt Junior High School, which was situated in a safe area.

Ice Cube left N.W.A. in 1989 due to disagreements between Jerry Heller and Eazy-E related to royalties. Dr. Dre had his rift with Eazy-E. The group broke up in 1991 and later joined forces to create Death Row Records with Suge Knight. In 1992, Dr. Dre debuted his debut single album, “The The Chronic”. The album sold six million copies worldwide and could be regarded as one of the most popular and well-produced hip-hop albums ever. It reached the top three spots in the Billboard 200 and went multi-platinum just a year later. The album also won Dr. Dre the Grammy award for Best Rap Performance for the single, “Let Me Ride”. At Death Row Records, Dre created for his fellow labelmates Tupac, Snoop Dog and Warren G (his stepbrother).

The year 1996 was the time Dre was released from Death Row because he was fed up with the legal battles and disputes that were always happening at the company. Dre walked away from the rights to his back catalogue and the stake in the company’s ownership. Dre claimed he had walked out of $50 million when he quit Death Row. He soon established Aftermath Entertainment which would eventually become the home of many artists like Eminem, Mary J. Blige, 50 Cent, and Mary J. Blige.

The year 2001 was the time Dre bought his stake in Aftermath Entertainment to Interscope Records for $52 million.


Dr Dre dropped out of high school to pursue a career in music that may have seemed like a dumb decision at the time but it definitely paid off. He started at Vanguard Junior High School, which he quit shortly. Then, he attended Centennial High School, where he was a student for a while before moving on to Fremont High School. The grades were not great, and there was no chance to pursue higher education.


In the late ’80s, Dre worked at Eve After Dark’s area club. Dre used to D.J. there, having seen other D.J.s perform there before that. The club was where Dre first met D.J. Yella, a future member of N.W.A.

The club was home to a tiny recording studio in the back room. Dre and N.W.A utilized this to record some initial demos.

The year was 1986 when N.W.A bN.was formed, comprising other hip-hop artists Ice Cube and Eazy-E along with DJ YellD.J.and MC Ren. The group’s first album, ‘Straight outta Compton, was a massive success.

Dre quit his group during the beginning of the 90s after several disagreements and a decision to pursue his career. The first single he released came out on the label Death Row Records, founded by Suge Knight. The album he released as his debut solo effort was titled ‘The chronic.’

At the end of 1996, Dr. Dre quit Death Row Records, founded Aftermath Entertainment, and released the album “Dr. Dre Presents the Aftermath.

Dre has collaborated with many of the most successful rappers and artists in hip-hop and rap. Dre has become one of the wealthiest rappers around the globe despite the many challenges he’s had to face, such as disputes, lawsuits, losses, and infringements.

As of August 20, 2022, Dr Dre Net Worth is $500 million.

Apple Stock Ownership

As we said a moment ago when Beats was sold to Apple, $400 million of the $3 billion purchase price was paid in Apple stock. As the 25% owner, Dr. Dre received $100 million of Apple shares. When the deal closed, Apple traded around $95 per share, so Dr. Dre received around 1 million shares. As of this writing, Apple stocks at around $200 per share. Dre, who has continually held all 1 million shares of Apple stock, presently holds $200 million in that stock (before taxes).

Dr. Dre Career Earnings By Year

2007 – $20 million
2008 – $15 million
2009 – $13 million
2010 – $17 million
2011 – $14 million
2012 – $110 million
2013 – $40 million
2014 – $620 million
2015 – $33 million
2016 – $41 million
2017 – $34.5 million
2018 – $35 million

Total: $992.5 million


In 2013, Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine donated $70 million to the University of Southern California to create the USC Jimmy Iovine and Andre Young Academy for the Arts, Technology, and Business of Innovation. In June 2017, he donated $10 million to build a performing arts center at Compton High School.


Here are some of the best highlights of Dr. Dre’s career:

  • Hustler of the Year, BET Hip Hop Awards (2014)
  • Grammy Awards – Best Rap Solo Performance (‘Let Me Ride’, 1994)
  • Grammy Awards – Best Rap Performance By A Duo or Group (‘Forgot About Dre’, 2001)
  • MTV Music Video Awards – Best Rap Video (‘Keep Their Heads Ringin’, 1995)
  • MTV Music Video Awards – Best Rap Video (‘Forgot About Dre’, 2000)
  • Straight Outta Compton (2015)
  • Beats By Dre was sold to Apple for $3 billion (2014)

Dr. Dre Real Estate

In the 1990s, Dr. Dre spent $2.4 million to buy an estate in Woodland Hills, California. After putting the house on the market to sell in July 2019 at $5.25 million. One month later, he found an interested buyer to purchase the property for $4.5 million. The property was part of the gated community of a gated area and was on a 16,000+-acre lot. In 2014, following Beats’ sale, Dr. Dre invested $50 million in Tom Brady and Giselle Bundchen’s amazing brand-new monster home in Brentwood.

In January 2013, Dre sold his Hollywood Hills mansion for $32.5 million. The house was purchased at the time of his purchase in 2001. $15.4 million.

Over the past 20 years, the owner has lived on the oceanfront property in Malibu, California, that he bought for $5 million.
In 2018, he bought the mansion situated in Calabasas, California, for $4.9 million. In 2019, he paid $2.25 million on a modest house in the Pacific Palisades with ocean views and an exclusive community.
The amount in Dr. Dre’s real property portfolio is $80 million.

Personal Life

In 1981, Dre was 16 years old and had a son with his girlfriend, a 15-year-old woman named Cassandra Joy Greene. Curtis, who performs under the name Hood Surgeon, is their son. Curtis did not meet Dre until he was in his 20s.

In 1983, Dre had another child soon after the birth of his daughter La Tanya Danielle Young. In 1988, Dre and Jenita Porter had a daughter who was given the name of her late father, Andre Young Jr. Sadly, Andre passed away in August 2008 after a drug overdose. In 1990, Dre had another son named Marcel with singer Michelle.

Dre and Nicole Young were married from 1996 until she filed for divorce in June 2020. They have two children; a son named Truice and a daughter named Truly. At the time of her June 2020 divorce filing, it was reported that the two did not have a prenuptial agreement and that she, therefore could be entitled to a significant portion of his fortune.

Car collection

Dr. Dre has a massive collection of cars, which he tends to keep in an enormous house. He almost has a showroom of cars, including some of the best ones like McLaren, Maserati, Lamborghini, Ferrari, and many more.

Divorce Settlement

Dr. Dre agreed to make Nicole $100 million in two installments in the final agreement. He gave the woman $50 million in advance and will pay her another $50 million yearly.

Super Bowl Halftime Show

On February 13, 2022, Dre headlined the halftime show at SoFi stadium in Inglewood, California.


Dr Dre proved he could not just make millions for himself but help others launch their own empires too aftermath was a success of epic proportions but dr drain knew that it was time to move on to bigger and better things. Dr. Dre achieved tremendous success throughout his career. There have also been a lot of failures. His $3 billion Apple agreement was the cherry on the cake of his career. Who knows what’s coming next for the doctor? Also, read about johnny Depp net worth


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