In addition to being a self-defense training center, SGS Krav Maga is Southern Sydney’s premier Krav Maga center.  The method of training and attitude towards training used in SGS Krav Maga have attracted global attention. A fully trained instructor offers students real-world self-defense training in a safe environment. Kids, teens, women’s only, and mixed adult classes are available 7 days a week at our facility. Additionally, the school offers classes in Sambo wrestling (an elite form of grappling), striking, and beginner-friendly classes.  The St.George Shire Local Business Awards named SGS Krav Maga one of the top training gyms in the St.George Shire Local Business Awards.


SGS KRAV MAGA (St George Sutherland Shire Krav Maga) offers a sound self-defence and tactics system that is internationally recognised and respected in the Hurstville region of Sydney.

The SGS Krav Maga curriculum is endorsed by Krav Maga Global, the leading global organisation of Krav Maga.

Adult Krav Maga classes are offered at SGS Krav Maga seven days a week, catering to students as young as four years old to senior citizens. Participants receive an interactive lesson and an understanding of Krav Maga in a class that is adapted to suit their physical capabilities.

Additionally, SGS Krav Maga offers a self-defence program for primary and secondary schools as part of the sport and physical education curriculum which complements the NSW Department of Education’s compulsory Child Protection Unit. Through this program, bullying at school has been reduced significantly.

As well as providing training to the NSW Police and Department of Corrections, SGS Krav Maga also provides training to the military. Besides training those within the security industry, SGS Krav Maga has a catered division. Doctors, nurses, paramedics and other frontline emergency workers are among the students at SGS Krav Maga. Small and large businesses can also benefit from SGS Krav Maga’s corporate training program.

As part of its commitment to giving back to the community, SGS Krav Maga regularly holds two free women’s self-defense workshops per year. This was evident during COVID -19 lockdowns when SGS Krav Maga offered members the opportunity to voluntarily pay for membership, as well as producing daily video content for each division of the school (adult, kids, women, and teens) during the lockdowns. SGS Krav Maga is passionate about spreading good, reality-based self-defence and being a positive member of the local community.

One of the largest instructor teams (all KMG qualified) exists at our company. In order to ensure our students are receiving the best and most up-to-date training, our instructors travel throughout Australia to train in KMG national events. In addition to training internationally and interstate, the SGS Krav Maga head instructor has also led workshops within KMG Greece and KMG Cyprus.


SGS KRAV MAGA (St George Sutherland Shire Krav Maga) offers private lessons or set classes in our premises to civilians. A number of key at-risk organizations can also participate in our corporate self-defense and team building workshops and training.

It is not always easy to attend every class, which is why it is so important to get the most knowledge, training, and exercise from every class. This is why every SGS KRAV MAGA class lasts two hours.

In addition to Krav Maga, SGS KRAV MAGA offers Krav Kids. From the age of 5 and up, these classes are specially designed and catered for children.

We founded SGS Krav Mahaga with a single goal in mind:


It has been operating in the St George Shire area since 2014 and is located in Mortdale, Sydney. We are here to help students overcome their fears and reach their goals with the help of our passionate and skilled instructors. Our classes are designed to leave you feeling energised, fit, confident, and looking forward to the next session, all while training in a safe, fun, and secure environment.

KMG (Krav Maga Global) schools, including SGS KRAV MAGA, offer the same quality of training and support. The Krav Maga Global Instructor’s Course culminates in rigorous training and selection for SGS KRAV MAGA instructors (St George Sutherland Shire Krav Maga). It is the longest and most difficult instructor’s course available outside of the Israeli military, taught exclusively by the highest ranked Krav Maga experts from Israel. As a result, you can train with the best of the best at SGS KRAV MAGA (St George Sutherland Shire Krav Maga).