Role of Online Education in Professional Development of Teachers

Online education no doubt is like a superhero these days for everyone, always there to help and assist. Just like any other profession, teaching also needs renovation from time to time by including new changes which can enhance the process of delivering knowledge and education to the students and online education has played a vital role in this process. Students are getting new and more fruitful knowledge of their subjects and their performance level is getting better due to it. Even school managements are opting for new tools like school ERP software for development and progress of school. School ERP software focuses on overall growth of school keeping teaching-learning process intact. Online education is an ocean which is providing a nectar of normal and professional education free of cost to everyone whoever wants to change his life. Different kinds of teachers have different kinds of needs according to the school or colleges they teach. If properly arranged there is so much knowledge and information which can give an edge to the professional needs of teachers. For example, earlier tutors used to worry about what if somehow or due to any reason if they get to reach educational institution late then students will miss their tutoring session and their hard work for that to teach the students will go in vain but with the help of several teaching apps like mobile teacher app it is possible for teachers to teach online from anywhere. Teaching apps like mobile teacher app have brought flexibility to teach online and solve problems and curiosity of students from anywhere and anytime.

Online education has aided the tutors professionally in many manners like it has enhanced the teachers training program, when tutors have been adopting new methods of teaching and understanding the needs of the students with the help of new research works of scholars in this field. Administrations of educational ventures can opt any best school ERP for this purpose. Using the best school ERP will enhance their productivity in academics too.

Online education is assisting teachers in many professional ways, such as due to any reason such as due to heavy rainfall if students don’t reach school or there is nobody to teach in school then that loneliness irritates the teachers and they are also given some burdened work to do which makes them feel deserted whereas due to presence of online education or e-;earning teachers can also learn few new things regarding teaching in that blank space of time which will allow them chance to learn innovative things about teaching an new researches also which can avail education to the students in many beneficial ways.

As far as accountability is concerned, in my opinion online teacher’s professional development executes more accountability of teachers who participate than face to face interaction. Also, we can say that online education changes the perception of teaching completely when teachers are trained in a professional way. There are several professional courses available for the career of teaching due to which teachers can not only be able to teach students in a more prominent way but also can make their earning in big numbers than before. Online education provides them much more space to teach and mingle with students. With professional training obtained online from professionals, it becomes easier for teachers to connect with students, detect their needs and to find solutions to their needs and problems in a professional way. Such as if a student is suffering from stammering or with any speech related problem in classes where students mock him then being professionally trained a teacher will recognize the student’s problem and will provide the student proper speech therapy while teaching and will make him a normal student like others.

When teachers are trained in a line of professionalism then they learn to research everything related to their teaching profession as it is a noble profession and students expect from their teachers. Teachers these days are selected only when they have a professional degree of teaching but when they get connected with many great scholars and epitome of teaching profession in their online professional training then they come to know the real method of practical application of theories they learnt in teacher’s training program. So, yes online education has aided professional development of teachers in many better ways.