Mango Logistics And its Services

As a sustainable bespoke logistics provider (3PL), Mango Logistics offers courier and warehousing services. The Mango Logistics Group operates both large and micro-warehouses, as well as a 100% owned electric fleet, providing sustainable last mile delivery to both B2B and B2C customers.  

Among the services provided by Mango Logistics are cross docking, forward stock location, same-day and next-day courier services, as well as international courier services. Throughout the logistics process, including booking, tracking, inventory management, and invoicing, we utilize cutting-edge technology. 

   There are more than 70 different software platforms that our technology integrates with. Whether it’s Shopify, Mangento, NetSuite, or Zendesk, we can help. You’ll see your inventory live across all of our locations, and your customers’ orders will be tracked in real time.

Our Last Mile Delivery Solutions are tailored to your needs 

Since Mango has been providing last mile delivery services to many clients nationwide for almost two decades, we understand that each client’s needs are unique.  When you book a courier, you decide how and when to place your deliveries, and we tailor our service to your business’s needs.

Deliveries on the same day 

Same-day delivery of a parcel is possible. No matter how big, how small, how simple or how complex your delivery is, we’ll have a solution for you.  We can collect your parcels and deliver them within two hours with our fleet of e-cargo bikes, pushbikes, motorbikes, and vans.

Deliveries scheduled in advance

Thanks to our state-of-the-art booking service, we are able to schedule deliveries/collections days, weeks or even months in advance.  We can arrange daily, weekly or monthly pickups and deliveries for you if you have regular deliveries/collections to and from regular locations. We can also schedule a one-time delivery in advance if it is a one-off.

Deliveries in time slots

If your recipient can only receive their delivery during a specific time, you can arrange for your delivery to be made within that window.  We will do our best to deliver your package within the specified timeframe if you let us know when the consignee will be available.

Drop-offs in multiple locations

With our multidrop parcel delivery service, you can deliver stock to multiple stores or customers at once.  Our central distribution hubs can store your goods to facilitate faster deliveries or pick them up and deliver them from your stores. You can also reduce the total cost of your deliveries by doing this.

A reliable last mile service from strategically located hubs

Our UK-based distribution hubs provide quick and efficient delivery of your goods to their final destination.

Let us manage your inventory and product distribution at one of our central hubs for a truly integrated service. You can reach more customers regularly and quickly in and around major city centers when your goods are stored in one of our hubs. Your deliveries will be easier than ever thanks to our final mile delivery service.

A greener London Mango is committed to providing last mile courier services that do not contribute to air pollution. That’s why we provide you with a fully green delivery service.  As a true final mile delivery company, we operate pushbikes, e-cargo bikes, and vans. The majority of our fleet consists of sustainable, ULEZ-compliant vehicles, and we aim to reach 100% carbon neutrality by 2025 with at least 85% of the fleet fully green.

We will take care of you

A better world is made possible by mangoes

Taking responsibility for the planet means more than recycling bins or planting (Mango) trees – which are all still good things to do by the way. Although we can all do more, we strive to provide courier and storage services that are environmentally friendly and customer-friendly.