The Role And Responsibilities Of A Corporate Travel Consultant

The last few years have been unpredictable for business travel. First, it was the lockdown, and when corporate travel started getting better, there were other glitches. During the Thanksgiving holidays last year, there was a travel breakdown, then the Federal Aviation Administration systems malfunctioned, triggering a halt on air travel in the USA for several hours. Travel unpredictability continues to loom into the New Year with the disaster in Turkey and the escalating Ukraine war. 

Because travel is still complicated, a corporate travel consultant‘s support to a business traveler before, during, and after their business trip will be just as important in 2023 as it was in 2015.

A 2015 Traveler Decision Making Study by ASTA found that customers value that consultants can analyze and handle any issues.  They thought they might get more discounts from travel agents.

Likewise, if an overworked admin staff is responsible for managing company travel, traveling might become a nuisance rather than a business benefit. Hence, corporate travel consultants continue to be helpful for customers who need a customized business travel booking experience.

Corporate travel consultants and their role in business travel booking

Corporate travel consultants are responsible for planning events and business trips for organizations. They handle all business travel booking processes and arrangements. The function of a corporate travel consultant includes making bookings for accommodation, flights, to and transfers, and car rental companies.

  • Workload increase is more common for a travel consultant as a business grows. They use their skills in time management, negotiation, and cost-cutting. 
  • These travel consultants work as experts on end-to-end corporate travel.
  • They manage, create, and enforce travel policies while monitoring policy adherence. 
  • They manage booking systems on several websites.
  • They build plans for budgeting, expenses, and transportation. 
  • They take care of all hospitality needs, and customers enjoy suitable facilities.
  • Moreover, they arrange the best corporate rates with preferred hotel chains and airlines. They also negotiate and handle all deals.
  • Engaging a business travel consultancy or internal corporate travel consultant can help any firm enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of traveling and expenditures. 


The benefits and responsibilities of a corporate travel consultant for business travel booking

Better travel deals 

When you work with a corporate travel consultant, you can get special discounts for your corporate travel. These travel reductions can significantly decrease overall travel costs and raise the cost-effectiveness of engaging a reputed enterprise. Corporate travel consultants have a global database of potential suppliers.

This way, you can reduce the cost of your business trips since booking direct means spending more. Travelers can also plan their travel arrangements effectively and at the lowest cost. Even when they make last-minute travel plans, they can still avail of prices at the lowest rates.

Proficient travel plans

Professional travel itineraries are an additional perk offered by business travel consultants. Suppose you have to obtain a visa to visit another country. Corporate travel consultants will furnish all the necessary paperwork and handle the complicated admin tasks.

Or, if you need to book connecting flights due to a messy itinerary, a corporate travel consultant has the proficiency to make these arrangements quickly and efficiently.

Offer to advise and corporate travel support.

It might be challenging to predict how a hotel will be unless you have visited there. Choosing accommodations can be tricky because online recommendations are often unreliable, and customers’ tastes can change. Corporate travel consultants understand which hotels are better for a traveler not to use. Such data comes through years of planning, organizing, and personal customer interaction concerning their trip and the entire experience. Clients will tell their corporate travel consultant if a hotel room is uncomfortable.

Take care of travel restrictions.

A travel consultant’s role is to keep updated on the latest travel information.  They can easily obtain facts that are continually and quickly evolving in the modern scenario,

Travel consultants know which countries need visa applications, whether any immunizations are required, and any other necessary preparations for travel, even while COVID-19 restrictions are not in effect.

Provide firsthand knowledge

Travel consultants are informed of the peak season times to visit particular locations, the ideal time to do so, and the best climate for visiting the destination.

Your travel consultant may inform you about the latest COVID-19 health and safety policies implemented at destinations, on flights, in amusement parks, and much more. Their advice can cover issues like expected levels of hygiene, social seclusion, when masks are necessary, and what activities are and are not accessible at your location.

Protection against scams and fraud

These days customers are finding fraudulent offers online and reserving their trips with dubious third-party websites.

It can be challenging to differentiate between legitimate travel bargains and fraudsters when there are so many travel websites to pick from that provide products that appear to be identical.

Furthermore, it becomes expensive and frustrating to resolve problems if customers have used shady sites. Reputable travel providers can get the lowest prices for you without using dodgy third-party websites. Additionally, experts will ensure that you are aware of other scammers and how to avoid them, like rental vehicle scams at your venue and fake ticket purchases.

Effectively handle last-minute changes.

Working with a travel advisor will help you minimize the stress of handling last-minute emergencies.

You’ll probably need help with potential disturbances to your travel schedule. For instance, flight itinerary changes, new health regulations at your location, or a sickness or injury among your traveling companions.

Your experienced travel adviser is only a call away and willing to assist you if ever the unforeseen occurs in any emergency, whether a sold-out hotel or a canceled flight.

Travel consultants frequently have direct experience with revisions or disruptions to your scheduled trip because they collaborate actively and maintain good ties with travel suppliers.

To ensure your journey is seamless, visit a travel expert for assistance navigating any obstacles. When you’re ready to travel once more, professional consultants at ITILITE are waiting to help you with your travel arrangements!

Closing Thoughts

Managing business travel has become uncomplicated in modern times. Companies can obtain a comprehensive travel solution by integrating the advantages of a digital travel management consultant and a traditional corporate travel agency. When necessary, an organization can receive travel counseling and guidance, as well as automation, productivity, and cost benefits for business travel bookings.