How to Incorporate Marijuana Edibles into Your Diet for Maximum Benefits

If you want to get the best experience possible out of your marijuana edibles, then it’s important to learn how to incorporate them into your life for maximum diet benefits.

Unfortunately, many people don’t get to enjoy the full, holistic goodness that can come from THC edibles. 

With marijuana becoming legal to a much greater extent in the United States, it goes without saying that more people may want to try infusing their food with some delicious and invigorating THC cannabinoids. 

There are all kinds of benefits to it. Plus, making edibles is really fun.

It gets you a little high, it makes you giggly, and it can turn otherwise slightly boring foods into an exciting adventure. 

So in this blog post, you’re going to learn some tips for how to incorporate marijuana edibles into your diet for maximum benefits. 

Let’s dive into it.

1. Understanding Cannabis Edibles

Cannabis edibles are basically foods that contain the cannabinoid THC—which is the component in cannabis that gets you high.

There are plenty of other cannabinoids that you can consume that come with their own health benefits. But when people use the term ‘edibles,’ what they usually mean is a food or drink that has THC somehow infused into it. 

Now, the most important thing to understand about THC edibles is that your body absorbs THC differently when you eat edibles as opposed to when you smoke cannabis flowers. 

Edibles can be an incredibly potent method for ingesting THC. But in order for them to work, your digestive system and liver need to metabolize them.

Edibles that are consumed orally, that are processed in the stomach and liver, need to bind to fat in order for your body to process the THC properly. 

If you don’t prepare edibles in a food that has enough fats to allow your body to absorb them, then you probably won’t feel an effect from the THC. 

This is why people usually begin with a THC-infused base of butter or oil, and then use this component for baking or cooking into their food concoctions. 

And of course, before you infuse your THC into oil or butter, it’s important that the cannabis be decarboxylated—which will help to activate the compounds in it and make it absorbable for your body.

2. Start Slow And Be Careful

One of the big misconceptions about consuming edibles is that people tend to think that they’re not working when they just haven’t given them enough time to really kick in. 

When you smoke cannabis, the effects of the THC become apparent much sooner because the lungs are absorbing it—and thus, it enters the bloodstream faster. 

When you consume cannabis through the stomach, however, the effects can actually be a lot more powerful. 

But it takes them longer to kick in. 

This can lead to people eating way too many edibles because they just think that they’re not working or strong enough. 

And this can lead to you accidentally taking too much and getting way too high for comfort. 

So whenever you’re incorporating edibles into your diet, make sure that you are starting slow and giving yourself plenty of time for the edibles to kick in. 

As a general rule, it takes 30 to 50 minutes for the effects of the THC to really hit your system. 

So once you eat your brownie, your cannabis butter, or your infused cannabis cookies, make sure that you allow yourself enough time to really register how potent the effect is going to be before you consume more. 

3. Ask An Expert 

If you’re in doubt about exactly how to use edibles to your advantage in a productive and non-problematic manner, just reach out to someone in your friend group or social circle who has some experience with edibles—and ask them to show you the ropes. 

Trust us—there’s nothing an experienced edible lover loves more than showing budding cannabis enthusiasts how to enjoy THC-infused edibles. 

Invite them to come over and bake some brownies with you. 

They’ll doubtlessly love the experience, and you’ll learn a lot along the way.


There you have it! 

The most important tips for how to incorporate marijuana edibles into your diet are like an absolute pro. 

Now you know—so get out there and give it a try!