Here Are the Best-Selling THC Vape Products of All Times

The cannabis market has shown an upward growth curve since the Farm Bill. And their popularity is well-deserved as the products have helped many people with many issues. One such outstanding product in the market is the THC vape.

Although vapes have been in the market for only a few years, they have gained recognition. And even among the vapes, some types are especially more known and used by users, which we will discuss ahead.

What Is THC?

THC is present in cannabis plants and is a psychoactive component. Though its psychoactive result is its most known effect, it has more to it than just that. It is also effective as a supplement to curb many symptoms.

THC’s expanded form is tetrahydrocannabinol. It is one of many cannabinoids in cannabis, though it is abundant in marijuana plants. It is psychoactive, so dosing THC products becomes crucial. In the correct dosage, it can be beneficial.

But higher dosages of the same may come with impairing effects. Especially for products like vapes, you must begin with a small amount. If it does not help, you can slowly increase the amount until it becomes effective.

Why Are THC Vapes So Popular in The Market?

Currently, most THC products are popular, but THC vapes are more so. Unlike CBD, THC has some psychoactive effects on the users, so the audience for them is lesser. But even in the audience, most people want a whole cannabis experience.

And not many products can deliver this feature as efficiently. Thankfully, vaping is one of the most effective methods to take any substance, let alone THC. Hence, users especially adore it as it displays remarkable potency.

But you can be cautious while using such vapes to avoid overdosing. Too much THC may increase the problems it set out to alleviate in the first place. Hence, one or two puffs are the perfect dosage for the first time.

What Are The Best-Selling Vape Products You Could Try?

  • Disposable Vapes

Disposable vapes are probably the most popular THC vape available in the market. Most people prefer these over reusable vapes for multiple reasons. Firstly, disposable vapes are incredibly convenient.

You do not need to charge or refill them; you can press the button and start vaping. Secondly, they are very affordable for most people. You can buy an equivalent disposable for a fourth of the price of a reusable one.

And finally, they do not need any commitment from your side. If you only want to try the vapes or experiment with flavors, you can use these for a few uses. However, in the long run, reusable vapes are the most cost-effective.

  • Flavored Vapes

Cannabis may have benefits and users’ good reviews, but its taste is not its strong suit. It has an almost bitter aftertaste that lingers on your tongue a bit too long. So, users don’t appreciate products that taste like cannabis plants.

Vape manufacturers have the perfect solution to this problem too. They introduced flavoring in the vape juices to cut the bitter taste. It would then get replaced by familiar flavors like cotton candy, strawberries, etc.

You can look at the official pages of trusted vaping pen brands to find the perfect product. However, you must be careful to only get vapes with natural flavoring substances. If the flavorings are artificial, they might harm your lungs and overall well-being.

  • Indica THC Vapes

Indica is not a type of vape- but a type of THC instead. There are primarily three strains- Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid. The Sativa strain energizes and motivates you. However, the Indica strain relaxes you more. Hybrid is a mix of the two types in balanced amounts.

The reason behind the Indica strain’s popularity may be its calming effects. As we recover from the pandemic and get our lives back to normal, many people face issues like anxiety. And such stress and nervousness are not momentary- they can be pretty harmful in our day-to-day lives.

So, people prefer such a strain which can calm them after a tough day of work. It can also reduce the symptoms of many mental issues– so the type becomes even more significant.

  • Mixed THC Vapes

You may have heard about using all the cannabinoids in the cannabis plants together for more potency. Mix THC Vapes are ones with a mixed e-liquid inside them. So, the vape juice doesn’t only include THC- but also other cannabinoids like CBD, Delta-8 THC, Delta-10 THC, etc.

The logic behind this is the ‘entourage effect.’ Researchers discovered that using CBD and THC together made both much more potent. They became even more efficient than when used on their own. Hence, many users prefer mixed products due to their better effects.

If you see vape pens with multiple variants of THC and even CBD on the label, you can see it is a mixed product. Since the discovery of the entourage effect is recent, so is their popularity.

  • Dab Vapes

Did you know that vaping liquid is not the only carrier of THC in our bodies? Another popular vaping method is the hash dabbing method. Hash is an amber-colored substance that resembles honey or candy. Technically, it is a pressed and extracted cannabis flower extract.

It comes in minute quantities as it is far more potent than any other product in the market. To use the hash, we do not stuff it in where vape juice goes. Instead, a separate vape pen is available for dabbing.

You can dip the end of the vape into your hash and take a draw to enjoy it. However, it is only suitable for more experienced users. Hash tends to be overwhelmingly strong- so beginners may have a rough experience with it.


To choose between the vape products available, you must first know which ones are popular and why. The most loved products are often most well-received by most users trying them out.

All of the THC vape types we discussed above were a part of the popular products. Since we are all individuals, only some products would be up to your liking. But we hope you found at least one intriguing product among the given ones.