The Greatest Luxury Jewellery Brands of all Time

Jewellery has succumbed to many different trends, fashions, and styles over the years, with some designs withstanding the test of time and falling into the classic accessories collection, while others have been overtaken or allowed to fade into history as one-time trends that fell out of fashion.

When it comes to luxury jewellery in particular, there is a certain need for brands to both standout and adhere to the timeless trends which allow their pieces to become long-term and long-lasting staples on the market – with luxury brands, in particular, bridging the gap between pieces which are unique enough to fetch high investment value, but stylish enough to appeal to the buyer market for years.

Of course, the brands we have all heard of – Chanel, Cartier, Rolex, and others – have all ticked these boxes and created pieces and accessories which continue to drive immense buyer interest years after their release. But what’s their secret, and what allows them to become known as the greatest luxury jewellery brands of all time?

In this blog, we ask this question and shine a spotlight on some of the top brands.

What makes a jewellery brand fall into the luxury industry?

The luxury status attributed to jewellery brands comes from a mixture of celebrity wearers and renowned customer names, and from the kind of exclusivity that commands high customer demand alongside each new release. When you consider and look at all of the most popular luxury jewellery brands on the current market, the limited and exclusive number of items that they release with every new range means that only a few buyers can get their hands on each piece – driving demand skywards and thus increasing the financial value of each piece exponentially.

But it’s not always that simple. As consumer habits and demands change, it seems increasingly clear that to be defined as a luxury brand, a jewellery brand or manufacturer needs to be both classic and innovative with its designs and marketing campaigns. Customers are consistently viewing marketing as just as important as the goods themselves, meaning that high-end and designer brands need to offer a luxurious experience as well as a luxurious end product.

The greatest luxury jewellery brands uncovered

The following offers a look at some of the most luxurious and well-known brands in the jewellery industry, as well as one or two names that are fresh on the market but becoming increasingly competitive as luxury brands.


One brand which ticks many of the modern buyer boxes is Cartier, which delivers on all the top and most coveted jewellery trends and frequently releases new items which both improve on and enhance past collections and offer a fresh perspective on accessory trends.

Van Cleef & Arpels

Much of the status attributed to Van Cleef & Arpels comes from its unique, innovative, and highly creative designs – which ensure that the brand is always set apart from its competitors, delivering the kinds of pieces which attract and hold attention long after their release.

A combination of bold colours and memorable styles make this brand up there as one of the best and most popular among every day and A-list buyers.


The most popular jewellery or decorative accessory in the male market is the classic watch, which is why Rolex deserves a place in our pick of the top luxury jewellery brands on the market. Rolex is renowned for producing both quality and ornate timepieces which unite their high-status symbol with timeless and classic designs which denote good taste.

You only have to look at the presence of Rolex timepieces in movies and on the red carpet to see how coveted they are among celebrities and A-listers – something which drives the investment value of every Rolex sky-high.


Our final luxury jewellery brand is another name which is famous for the number of times it appears on the red carpet, with celebrities favouring this as one of their top brands in the jewellery industry – and it certainly has a price tag to match! Aside from being one of the most expensive brands on the market, Chopard is all about quality and an elite finish which allows some pieces to be sold for hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Quality Unmatched

All of the aforementioned brands sit at the top of the luxury goods industry, combining high investment potential with standout style and the highest quality of craftsmanship. Selecting the right one for your personal style and requirements is no doubt an enviable task – with all these brands and more promising quality service from the moment you open the box and uncover your coveted piece of luxury jewellery.