With an affordable HR consultant, managing employees is easier than ever

Wouldn’t it be great to have an HR expert on call? HR Lady  offers nationwide, virtual HR services including manager advisory services, recruiting, and virtual, live, interactive training at a very affordable rate with no long term commitment. In addition, Wendy can assist in setting up and managing your BambooHR system to streamline your HR processes from pre-hire to retirement.

On-call and remote/virtual consulting services for the company owner or leadership, including assistance with day-to-day operations, policy development, recruiting, and employee relations issues (to name a few) and even temporary layoffs.

  • Coaching and training. We also offer virtual, live, web-based (via Zoom) management, leadership, and employee training. Topics for training will be determined together. Quarterly training sessions should cover topics such as hiring (attracting, retaining) and firing (unfortunate, but necessary exits) as well as holding people accountable, counseling sessions, and performance management. 

Technology in Human Resources: From Hiring to Exiting

The BambooHR partner network

BambooHR offers tools that drive the strategic evolution of HR in small and medium businesses. In a personalized Human Resources Information System (HRIS), BambooHR’s cloud-based system allows growing companies to track and manage essential employee information. You can also download the app on your phone!

Using a convenient mobile app, employees can self-service their time off and managers have more time for meaningful work. The company’s clients include SoundCloud, Foursquare, Freshbooks, Stance, Fitbit and Squarespace, among thousands of others in over 85 countries.

Many benefits can be gained from management training

Completing management training courses can provide the following benefits:

Provide support to your team

Management training courses can help you address the needs and concerns of your team members. It gives you the tools you need to support them, as well as the ability to complete your job duties. Supporting your team can help you build a stronger department and a more productive workplace.

Training in feedback

You are responsible for providing feedback as part of your managerial duties. The employees are able to learn from their mistakes and improve their performance. Your role as a team leader should be to provide feedback so your team members can continue producing high-quality work.

A step-by-step guide to performance reviews

Making decisions with tools

In order to make a decision that aligns with an organization’s goals, leaders consider both advantages and costs. Management training can help you prepare for this responsibility by teaching you decision-making skills and building your confidence. Make decisions that appeal to the company’s goals if you want to achieve your professional goals and ensure a productive workplace.

Provide you with conflict resolution education

Managers need to be capable of resolving conflicts successfully. Having management training helps you facilitate discussions between team members when disagreements arise. Afterwards, you can work toward finding a solution that will benefit everyone. These skills can promote healthy work environments.

Make sure rules are enforced

By managing training, you will be able to understand workplace policies and prepare yourself to enforce them. A manager can assign a consequence to an employee who refuses to follow the company rules. Training promotes equity and fairness in the workplace by protecting boundaries and enforcing rules.

The ability to manage change is essential

Adapting the work environment and helping employees to adapt to changes is necessary when the organization’s needs change. By supporting your team members and navigating workplace changes, management training can help you navigate the workplace’s changes. It will be possible for you and your team to remain productive during times of policy and daily operations changes.

Make yourself more attractive to employers

Since managers are often responsible for hiring their team members, management training prepares professionals for the hiring process. Your company can find the best candidates for vacant positions by recruiting individuals and reviewing resumes. You need to hire professionals who can contribute to your department’s success in order to lead an efficient and effective department.

You should set goals for yourself

It is important for managers to set goals because it motivates their teams to reach certain business and personal goals. It is important for managers to explain the path to success and remind their teams of their goals. Management training can help managers set an example at work.