Here are some details about Centrestone Jewellery Insurance

Approaches we take

At With Centrestone Jewellery Insurance, we strive to make insuring precious jewellery pieces effortless for our customers.

With Centrestone, you can find an insurance policy specifically tailored to your jewellery through a network of jewellers. It is because jewellers want to provide their clients with the best protection that Centrestone offers that they recommend Centrestone.

With Centrestone Jewellery Insurance, your jewellery is protected from the moment it leaves the store.

Jewellery industry experts designed the policy to make sure you’re covered for everything you need.

The majority of home and contents insurance policies do not cover jewellery needs, such as returning to a jeweler. Simple – comprehensive coverage for accidental damage, theft, and loss around the world.

Rather than buying the cheapest policy, why not choose the most comprehensive?

When it comes to buying insurance, the saying “you get what you pay for” couldn’t be more true. It is possible that some inexpensive policies do not provide the kind of coverage you need to protect your jewellery. Sadly, many policyholders don’t realize this until a loss occurs without coverage and they have to bear the financial burden on their own.

At With Centrestone Jewellery Insurance, we take the time to fully assess the jewellery pieces we are covering. Our goal is to reduce your insurance costs as much as possible without sacrificing protection. Most importantly, you can return your watch/jewelry to any jeweler of your choice in the event of loss or theft.

A description of how the target market is determined

The following Target Market Determination (TMD) applies to Centrestone Jewellery Insurance.

Our TMD provides our customers, distributors, and staff with a better understanding of the class of customers for whom the Product is designed, considering their likely needs, objectives, and financial situation.

Neither the TMD nor the Terms of Cover provide financial advice. Additionally, the Product is subject to acceptance criteria in addition to the key eligibility requirements outlined in the TMD. It is important that customers review the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) and any supplementary documents when considering the Product, which outline the relevant terms, conditions, exclusions, and insurance coverage.

Insurers we work with

In Australia and New Zealand, Centrestone Jewellery Insurance is one of the leading specialty jewellery insurers.

We offer comprehensive insurance coverage for your precious jewellery and timepieces at Centrestone Jewellery Insurance. AFSL 463 129, ABN 53 126 659 706, Berkley Insurance Company.

It The mission of our company is to provide you with a premium service that offers the highest level of protection for your precious jewellery. By working with Berkley, we have been able to ensure the most competitive premium rates in the market while maintaining the highest level of coverage.

As With Berkley’s expertise in local underwriting and fast and fair claims handling, we can provide a jewellery insurance policy tailored to your needs. The insurance of your jewellery with Centrestone is an all-inclusive policy with very competitive pricing.

What is Centrestone all about?

Watches and jewellery are our passions, and we are a fast-growing company.

We Providing the best service is our passion, innovation, and commitment.

We In addition to providing top-notch service, we hope to bring a fresh approach to jewellery insurance!

Who are we and what do we do?

We Jewellery is one of the most beautiful and precious things you own. Jewelry is one of the most emotionally and financially valuable possessions you could ever own.

If the jewellery is lost, damaged, or even stolen, the devastation it can cause may cause nagging anxiety.

In order to eliminate this feeling, we ensure that you are able to wear your jewellery every day without having to worry about it.