Boost your career growth with a professional resume service

Your resume is your first touchpoint with the potential employer. If you do not impress the hiring manager from the first lines, your resume will get tossed. Since most hiring managers spend less than a minute reviewing each resume, you need to be selective about what to include.

Today, many job-seekers turn to professional resume writers who can effectively reflect their top qualifications on paper. An experienced resume helper can give you a competitive edge over other applicants and help you get noticed faster. In this post, we will explain the advantages of having a professional resume for your job search and career advancement.

How can a professional resume service help in your job search?

If you consider working with a professional resume writer, choose an expert who understands your industry. For example, you can find a medical resume writing service writer at A writer who knows the hiring practices in your field will create a better resume than a freelancer. Moreover, the above-mentioned resume company offers quick deadlines (1-3 days) and unlimited revisions.

Here is why a resume professional can boost your job search:

They know the employers’ expectations

Professional resume writers understand what employers pay attention to and how they read incoming resumes. Thus, the writer can choose the most effective format and layout for your career level. They will also add a summary of qualifications, list relevant skills, and add figures to help your resume make a stellar first impression. Plus, the writer can downplay the ‘red flags’ that might turn off recruiters, such as job-hopping or employment gaps.

They can create a resume for career growth

If you are looking to take on more responsibility, whether it’s an internal promotion or career advancement with a new company, your resume should reflect this. To reflect that you are ready for a more senior position, the writer will mention your leadership and project management skills, include your accomplishments in previous roles, and tailor your resume for a management role instead of a professional one.

They know how ATS software works

According to the statistics, 98% of Fortune 500 companies and most smaller ones use applicant tracking systems (ATS). These systems optimize the hiring process by eliminating resumes that seem irrelevant. A resume writer can help you pass the electronic selection by adding important keywords and tailoring the resume for your desired position.

They are aware of the best resume practices

Today, it is not enough to list your work history and degrees to impress the recruiters. A skilled resume writer will update your resume according to the modern rules and practices in resume composition.

For instance, the writer can use a summary of qualifications or an objective if your resume doesn’t have one. They can also it to 1-2 pages if it is too long, and focus on the results of your work and achievements instead of daily job duties. Last but not least, the writer will ensure that your resume is error-free and uses a professional writing style.

They can save you time

Researching resume writing practices and composing it from scratch is quite time-consuming, especially if you work and look for new employment at the same time. A resume writer can save you hours or days. The writer will use their skills and expertise to create a persuasive resume for you, and you can focus on other important projects in the meantime.

Medical resume writing tips from a professional writer

If you are a recent graduate, an experienced physician or a healthcare manager, an experienced medical resume writing service writer at or a similar company can position you effectively for the role.

If you are looking for advice on how to write a strong healthcare resume, follow these tips:

ü  Keep it to 1-2 pages, as such length is preferred by most hiring managers. One page is good for students, while experienced physicians can use a two-page document. 

ü  Add details about your licenses and certifications. In addition to a certification/license name, add the name of the certifying body and when it expires.

ü  Students should emphasize education. Include your coursework, any academic awards, and list your clinical rotations in detail if you don’t have paid experience yet.

ü  Add the keywords from the job posting. Use the names of skills and qualifications listed in the job posting when describing your experience.

ü  Use a catchy summary of qualifications. Write 4-5 sentences summarizing why you are a perfect candidate for the position, and list your biggest accomplishments.

ü  Proofread before sending. 49% of hiring managers reject resumes that have grammar mistakes or typos, so make sure your resume is impeccable in every line.

Professionally written resumes make a better impression on recruiters. They also help qualified candidates get more interviews, as a professional resume writer can effectively highlight the strengths of a candidate. If you have questions about writing your resume or are not sure what to include, do not hesitate to consult an expert who can perfect your documents and get you noticed faster.