5 Best Eyewear Trends Of 2023

Eyewear Trends That Are Redefining Fashion

We all know that fashion trends keep fluctuating, and that’s the reason why we need to keep up with them. Whether it is clothing or accessories, trending styles are what you need to keep your fashion statement spot on. Talking about eyewear, trends again matter big time.

To help fine-tune your eyewear fashion according to the latest trends, I am here to list them down for you. Here are the trending eyewear trends of present time. Read on!

Fake Glasses

Unlike in the past, today a significant section of the public wear glasses just as a fashion statement and this is where fake glasses become a superb option. Fake glasses are pairs fitted with non-prescription lenses, and hence, not used for eyesight correction.

Today, you will find fake glasses available in all styles and types, which ensures that there are multiple options for all moods and occasions. So if you are wanting to elevate your style to the next level by using glasses, fake glasses can be a gamechanger.

The last time I went to buy blue light glasses over the internet, I came across a massive collection of fake glasses on the website of Specscart. I was so impressed that I couldn’t resist buying a pair. Specscart was brilliant throughout and delivered my glasses the next day after my order was placed – thanks to its free 24 hour dispatch service. You too can find a top-quality pair with exceptional style by heading online.

Black Eyewear

Black never fails to impress across all fashion segments – thanks to its outstanding versatility. Talking particularly about eyewear, from basic black frames to all-black sunnies, you can spot black all around in eyewear fashion. 

When it comes to glasses trends associated with black, one of the brilliant picks would be thick acetate frames in plain black, particularly the ones in square styles. You can also find various options of dual tone glasses frames that have black as one of their components. Other styles where black is used at a wide scale include tortoiseshell frames and also timeless metal frames. 

In the case of sunglasses, apart from the frame styles already mentioned above, sunglasses with black tints – both light and dark – are a timeless style, which is all set to rock the fashion scene. Another hot trend is the all-black sunglasses with both black frames and tints, which are considered as a bold and classy style. 

To add black eyewear to your wardrobes, you can buy glasses online and sunglasses over the internet as there is a super stylish collection available over there.


Blue Light Glasses

Innovation has made it possible to produce glasses to protect our eyes from the harmful impacts associated with blue light emitted by digital screens. Glasses are a multifunctional accessory and this function of providing blue light protection is an addition here.

With digitalisation having impacts on our lives at a large scale, screen time for most of us has witnessed an increase. Since we are using digital screens on a daily basis and many times even for necessary purposes, our exposure to blue light emitted by these screens has naturally increased.

Please note that excessive exposure to blue light or exposure to it under dim light can cause digital eye strain, which has symptoms like dry eyes, headaches, and fatigue, among others. Hence, we need to protect our eyes while facing digital screens by using a pair of blue light blocking glasses.

Blue light glasses help in ensuring digital wellbeing by utilising a protective coating to filter out most of the blue light incident over their lenses.

Designer Glasses

Coming back to my experience at Specscart, I was amazed at the pocket-friendly prices of designer glasses, which was almost half of high-street prices. I had never seen designer glasses being sold at such low prices.

Designer glasses are an eyewear option that stand apart from the rest in numerous ways. Many people admire designer pairs for the benefits that they have to offer, which is evident by the fact that designer glasses are now selling like hotcakes. And if you are concerned about their relatively higher prices, it needs to be noted that their premium nature makes the prices absolutely worth it.

It is the creative design of designer glasses that impart them a premium aesthetic. They are also made of superior quality materials, making them durable. These materials come with desired characteristics like high strength, brilliant flexibility and solid impact-resistance, which make designer glasses a stand-out style.


Sustainable Eyewear

Just like every other industry, even the eyewear industry is taking positive steps towards sustainability. We need to know that the progress made is commendable and we are witnessing a shift towards combining sustainability with function and style in the eyewear industry.

One of the major areas where sustainable practices are commonly used is the kind of materials used in the manufacturing of glasses. The wide scale use of plant-based acetate – that has substituted various plastic materials used earlier – is a more eco-friendly option. There are also options of biodegradable materials such as wood being used in the making of glasses. 

Many eyewear brands have also come up with recyclable glasses, wherein the old pair that is not in use is taken back by these brands (instead of them going in waste) and recycled to produce new pairs. Various other sustainable ways of making glasses from recycled ocean plastic waste are also being noticed, although this is still at a nascent stage.

An area where sustainability is noticeable at the largest scale is packaging. Throughout the supply chain packaging and also in the final packaging for the customers, sustainable practices can be spotted.