EngineOwning information

Cheat software is available from EngineOwning for a variety of multiplayer games.

Online matches should be accessible to everyone so they can win and enjoy themselves.

How does engine ownership work?

The cheat software offered by EngineOwning supports a number of multiplayer games. In order to give you an edge in the game, we provide game enhancing modifications.

Feature list in full

  • Aimbot (Automatically aiming at players when they are visible) with Bullet Prediction
  • The Smooth Aim feature slows down the movement of the aimbot
  • Reduce smooth aim acceleration after aimbot locks (decrease smooth aim acceleration after aimbot locks)
  • Choose where to aim the aimbot with Aim Bone and Bone Scan (Select where to aim the aimbot)
  • (Currently unavailable) Silent Aim (Hits targets without aiming or snapping)
  • Aimbot auto-fires when a target is detected
  • Fire Delay (Wait before firing) Automatic Fire Delay (Wait before firing)
  • Aimbots zoom in automatically as soon as they find a target.
  • ADS Delay (Delay before automatic zooming)
  • The only thing you can do when holding a key/mouse button is aim.
  • Fire activates the aimbot (On Fire Only)
  • Zooming activates the aimbot only on ADS
  • (Choose the area where the aimbot should search for targets)
  • Prioritize the targets closest to your crosshair (Aim priority)
  • It is important to target (shoot) downed players
  • Visualization of Aimbot Predictions (The Aimbot Prediction Box)
  • Make sure enemies are visible (Make sure enemies are visible)
  • Maximum range of an aimbot (maximum range of a player)
  • Players who are friendly should be focused on
  • Make sure your enemies are in your sights

The triggerbot

  • When you aim at a player, the triggerbot automatically shoots
  • On Zoom or Always (Triggerbot Mode)
  • Shooting Delay (Wait before firing)
  • Hold a key or mouse button to trigger the key.
  • Players who are friendly trigger the trigger
  • Enemies trigger the trigger

Radar (3D) ESP

  • Draws 2D or 3D boxes around players
  • Skeleton of a player (visualizes the skeleton of a player)
  • (Draws the names of players)
  • A player’s distance from you (shows how far they are)
  • A player’s weapon (See what weapon he or she is using)
  • Lines from you to other players (Draws lines from you to other players)
  • The name of the grenade (see dangerous grenades)
  • Distance between grenades (see how far they are from you)
  • A grenade line (draws a line to a grenade)
  • Name of item (See weapons and other items on the ground in Warzone)
  • In Warzone, you can see how far items are from each other.
  • Draws item lines (works in warzone)
  • Cash on hand
  • Armor Display
  • Boxes for shows
  • Players should be friendly
  • Enemies are shown
  • Limits on the range of ESP
  • Font size can be configured

Radar in 2D

  • Players in the show
  • Grenades for show
  • Item list
  • On the radar, Show Friendly (shows friendly things)
  • Display enemy things on the radar (Show enemy things on the radar)
  • Display Window (Draws borders around the radar)
  • (Draws a crosshair in the center of the radar)
  • Radar Field of View (Draws your field of view)
  • Display Dot (Draws a dot in the center of the radar)
  • Cash on hand
  • Armor Display
  • Boxes for shows
  • Radar size can be configured
  • Radar range can be configured
  • Dot size can be configured
  • Radar Center (Puts the radar in the middle of your screen)

The following features are included:

  • The Warzone Mode is supported
  • Protect and clean your screenshots
  • An easy-to-use in-game menu controlled by the mouse
  • There are up to 10 settings slots for different configurations
  • Switching profiles with a keybind
  • Colors can be configured for ESP, 2D Radar, and Crosshair
  • Anti-cheat layers with multiple protections
  • Checks for visibility