Swaddling: A step-by-step guide

Swaddling helps your baby sleep better and reduces wakeups caused by the startle reflex, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). Swaddling may even reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), according to some studies.

Swaddling your baby properly requires safe swaddling techniques, however, if you want it to be effective. During your newborn’s hospital stay, your pediatrician may have shown you how to safely swaddle him or her with a traditional swaddling blanket.

Swaddling a baby: what’s the best way?

The first step to swaddling a baby is to place the weighted swaddle blanket on your baby’s body

As shown, place the blanket on a flat surface with its wings open wide and your baby in the middle.

Check for the following:

The top edge of the wings should be about 1-2 inches beneath your baby’s face. Your baby will be able to wriggle out easily if you place him/her too low, as the fabric will crease at the top corner.

Place the weighted parts as shown; the center on the baby’s chest and the side weights flat against the baby’s left side and right side—not under his or her body, right or left arm, or on the surface on which the baby is lying.

A few tips:

Use the leg pouch if a baby is less than 1 month old or 23″ tall.

The legs should be placed over the pouch if the baby is over 1 month and 23″ tall.

The second step in swaddling a baby is to secure the first swaddle wing across the chest of the baby

The wing should be placed over your baby’s right shoulder as shown. The wing should be placed over the baby’s left arm and as far under his back as possible for a secure swaddle.

Check for the following:

In order to remove any slack in the wing, stretch it diagonally downwards. Ensure it covers the shoulder and neck completely.

The blanket should now be tucked under the back.

When the wing is not pulled diagonally downwards or not tucked under the back enough, there may be a slack in the fabric at the shoulder, allowing your baby to pull their left or right arm out.

The third step in swaddling a baby is to secure the second swaddle wing

Secure the wing under the back of the opposite side, as far as possible, and fasten it with Velcro to the baby’s left shoulder.

Make sure that the shoulders are not slack and that the baby’s face is not covered by the fabric.

Once you’re done, your baby should be snug inside the swaddle, but his/her feet and legs should still be able to move to prevent hip dysplasia. It should look like this — almost like a burrito for babies!

The One-Size Zen Swaddle can be adapted as your baby grows.

With the Zen Swaddle, your baby will be snugly wrapped, unless he or she is under 7 pounds or over 18 pounds. The majority of babies are able to wriggle out at either extreme. With the Zen Swaddle’s adjustable form, your newborn’s size can be accommodated as he or she grows.

Safe sleep with swaddling

Swaddling babies has been controversial in the past, with some calling for an end to swaddling altogether. However, recent studies have shown that swaddling (when done correctly) is completely safe and even recommended by most pediatricians.

A swaddle wrap can eliminate the need for a loose blanket in your baby’s crib and help your newborn sleep more on their back, face up, which can further reduce the risk of SIDS. Providing your swaddling technique is correct, swaddling can be used throughout the day and at night.

In comparison with regular swaddle blankets, the Zen Swaddle is more effective and safer. This gently weighted Zen Swaddle blanket keeps your newborn comfy, cozy, and safe while snoozing with its breathable fabric options and parent-friendly design.

Swaddling your baby will never be an issue with the new Zen OneTM swaddle. A secure inner armband and zipper allow for arms down, free, in, or out, like the Zen Swaddle wearable blankets, but it’s instead of wings that keep baby snug. Swaddling safely with one or both arms out is made easier with the removable mesh sleeves, which give the swaddle extra breathability.

You can use the Zen SackTM regardless of what swaddle you choose. Your baby will become accustomed to sleeping un-swaddled with the gently weighted center.