QuickBooks Hosting: Benefits you need to know!

Accountants are always seeking new ways to make the long and tedious accounting process easier and faster. They ought to keep up with the changing times using the latest technology and modern resolutions. QuickBooks accounting software is the solution that has provided what an accountant really needs.

QuickBooks simplifies accounting tasks and helps you easily track income, expenses, and more. However, due to recent technological advances, most accountants prefer their QuickBooks hosting over traditional on-premises QuickBooks solutions.

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How Does QuickBooks Hosting Benefits Accountants?

Data Security

The absence of a data security strategy can be fatal to any business. Cyberattacks and malicious threats can compromise privacy, availability, and business integrity. A robust system is required to mitigate the impact of these threats. Additionally, accountants and CPAs work with sensitive customer information such as bank details, debit/credit card numbers, and Social Security Numbers (SSNs). Therefore, ensuring the security of this information is of utmost importance. If you choose a QuickBooks hosting service from a reputable cloud provider, it is the provider’s responsibility to protect your data from accidents. Most cloud hosting providers execute top-notch data security measures on their remote cloud servers.

Multi-User Collaboration

Teamwork is the key to the company’s success. When QuickBooks is hosted locally at an on-premises facility, QuickBooks requires physical availability on dedicated computer systems to all team members within the organization. The absence of team members can affect communication between team members and affect efficiency.

Hosting QuickBooks in the cloud allows all authorized users to collaborate on a common virtual platform. Accountants and other stakeholders in your organization can view, share, and edit files and can easily collaborate with the help of a desktop as a service simultaneously. Changes to files are visible in real time, allowing all users to see and stay up to date with these changes. This eliminates the need to create multiple versions of files.

Remote Access

No matter how dedicated and skilled accounting professionals are in business, it can often be difficult to physically be in an office to serve clients. QuickBooks hosting, however, allows accountants to interact with customers regardless of location. Internet-enabled compatible devices such as smartphones, laptops, iPads, and tablets need access to your accounting software to make it easier for you to interact with your customers.

Hosted in the cloud, QuickBooks gives you access to all your approved books and records, just like the QuickBooks desktop. The only difference is that you can access your data anytime, anywhere. You can significantly increase your productivity while having the flexibility to work from anywhere.


QuickBooks cloud hosting is the future of accounting as it delivers multiple advantages over traditional hosting methods. QuickBooks cloud hosting offers many benefits that will shape the future of accounting.

Intuit-certified hosting providers such as Apps4Rent can help you host QuickBooks in the cloud. These providers also offer a variety of migration services such as Office 365 tenant to tenant migration and help you to fully virtualize your business by moving to the cloud.