The Power Couple of Baseball: Matt Olson and His Wife Nicole

Meet Matt Olson: The Baseball Prodigy

Born in Atlanta, Georgia, Matt Olson is one of the most revered names in Major League Baseball. Standing at 6 feet 5 inches, the left-handed power hitter has carved an impressive niche for himself as the first baseman for the Oakland Athletics. A true testament to his athletic prowess is his collection of accolades – the Gold Glove Awards and the Fielding Bible Awards, all demonstrating his exceptional talent on the field.

A Closer Look at Nicole Olson: More Than Just a Baseball Wife

Nicole Olson, previously known as Nicole Kidder, is no less remarkable. Born and raised in Chandler, Arizona, she has always had a penchant for sports, particularly softball. Her passion led her to the University of Utah, where she played Division I softball. Not only a sports enthusiast, Nicole is also a dedicated nurse, bringing compassion and care to her community.

A Love Story That Hit a Home Run: Matt and Nicole’s Journey

The love story of Matt and Nicole Olson is as inspiring as it is heartwarming. The couple first crossed paths during their high school years, kindling a friendship that eventually blossomed into love. Together, they have weathered the ups and downs of Matt’s professional baseball career, with Nicole providing unwavering support, from the nerve-wracking draft days to the triumphant victories on the diamond.

Life Off the Diamond: Matt and Nicole’s Personal Life

When not dominating the baseball field, Matt and Nicole Olson enjoy a quieter life away from the spotlight. The couple, deeply committed to their faith, often express their gratitude and blessings. They share a beautiful home with their beloved dog, Griffey, named after the legendary baseball player, Ken Griffey Jr.

The Philanthropic Side: Giving Back to the Community

Beyond their personal and professional lives, the Olsons have been consistently involved in numerous philanthropic endeavors. Matt Olson is notably a part of the “Home Runs for Heroes” initiative, which raises money for veterans. Similarly, Nicole, with her nursing background, has volunteered in various health campaigns, reinforcing their dedication to giving back to the community.


Matt and Nicole Olson are more than just a power couple in the baseball world. They are a testament to the power of love, support, and dedication, both on and off the field. Their story is not just about their journey in the world of sports, but also about their endeavors to make a positive impact in their community. This remarkable duo continues to inspire and captivate, proving that they are indeed a league of their own.