Introducing aerobis Battle Boa, a compact and versatile Battle Rope Trainer

First Battle Rope Trainer from aerobis has a compact design and the highest quality. Made in Germany, it provides the perfect basis for extensive and effective rope training. There are two directions in which you can pull the rope. You can simply turn the Battle Boa 180° when you reach the end, thanks to the simple suspension combination of anchor sling and carabiner. There is already a lot of similarity between this and a classic continuous rope workout.

You will gain strength and endurance by training with the Battle Boa from aerobis. Many different body regions are engaged thanks to the variety of workouts. Muscles in the arms, shoulders, back, and core are targeted.

Continuously adjustable rope guide system

Any type of battle rope can be used with the Battle Boa’s guide system. Ropes can be woven or simply twisted. Everything up to 60 mm in diameter is possible. Using this rope trainer does not require you to purchase a new Battle Rope.

Unlike the continuous rope trainers in our Revvll series, the Battle Boa rope is open on both sides. Therefore, the unused part of the pull rope lies on the floor. This approach also makes it easy to replace the Battle Rope quickly and easily.

Pull ropes are braked inside boas by rope brakes. The resistance can be adjusted stepless up to the complete blockade (depending on the rope diameter). As a result, the aerobis Battle Boa can also be used for exercises such as rope climbing or pulling weight sleds. Due to friction created inside the device, the rope itself becomes a wear part. As a result of the deflection, it is also rolled. Conversely, revvll brakes the rope indirectly using eddy currents and friction. Additionally, revvll uses a closed-pored PU rope that has been tested over many years in tough continuous use.

Training anywhere with a perfectly tailored complete set

You only need a Battle Rope and your Battle Boa for a sweat-inducing workout. With the Battle Rope Trainer, you get everything you need. Combined with the carabiner that is also included in the set, the anchor sling can be mounted at any mounting point. It’s as simple as attaching and going.

Anchor slings can also be adjusted in height to a certain extent. Are you interested in bringing the Battle Boa a little closer to the ground? No problem, just adjust the sling’s length. You can also hang the boa higher if you wish.

Due to its high quality, the Battle Boa is also suitable for outdoor training. The stainless steel housing is resistant to sun, rain, and snow. Additionally, the functional parts are made of high-quality materials and can withstand any weather condition. The Battle Boa should not be left outside for an extended period of time.

Battle Boa’s top 10 features

  1. You can perform a variety of exercises with the aerobis Battle Boa – Battle Rope Trainer. Besides continuous rope training, it also allows rope climbing and sled pulling at any time.
  2. You can easily adjust the resistance of the Battle Boa rope trainer to suit your physical condition thanks to its stepless adjustment.
  3. You can change the direction of pull of the Battle Rope at any time in just a second. Turn the Battle Boa 180 degrees – done.
  4. Regardless of the material, regardless of the surface texture: Battle Ropes up to a diameter of 60 mm can be used in the Battle Boa.
  5. Pull ropes are easy to replace, so you can vary your training quite easily.
  6. Battle Boa – Battle Rope Trainer is made of stainless steel and is handmade in Germany.
  7. The overall package includes a Battle Rope Trainer, an anchor sling, a carabiner, and instructions.
  8. Aerobis’ Battle Boa is small and compact, so it fits easily in any sports bag and can be transported anywhere.
  9. Indoors and outdoors: There are no restrictions on where the Battle Boa can be used. Material and product quality make this device suitable for outdoor use.
  10. The Battle Rope Trainer is easy to assemble thanks to the anchor sling and carabiner. All it takes is a stable mounting point.

Battle Boa – Battle Rope Trainer FAQs

The Battle Boa can be used with all types of battle ropes.

All common Battle Ropes can be used with the Battle Boa. It does not matter what material is used or how the surface is finished. Rope diameter is the only restriction. Here, 60 mm is the maximum value.

Battle Boa – Battle Rope Trainer: how many resistance levels does it have?

The Battle Boa’s resistance can be adjusted infinitely. You can easily remember the resistance you set with the scale on the side. As you use different Battle Ropes, the resistance varies.

How does the Battle Boa differ from the Revvll series?

The revvll pro and revvll one are continuous rope trainers. This type of device has a closed, and therefore endless, running rope. Any type of rope can be used with the Battle Boa – Battle Rope Trainer. Thus, traction means are more variable. Comfort, cleaning, intensity settings, braking system, rope tracking, and a repetition counter are some of the advantages of revvll.

Aerobis Battle Boas can be used outdoors for training?

There is no problem with that. Outdoor training is also possible with the materials used in the manufacture. Aluminum and stainless steel make up most of the Battle Boa. Quality products are marked with the “Made in Germany” label.