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The Glossary of Ingredients


An amino acid that occurs naturally in the body. The heart and brain require taurine to function properly. As well as supporting nerve growth, it also soothes the nervous system. Stimulants benefit from this additive. In addition to improving athletic performance, taurine can boost energy levels as well.

The amino acid beta alanine

The non-essential amino acid beta alanine improves athletic performance by reducing fatigue, increasing endurance, and boosting performance during high-intensity exercises. In studies, Beta alanine increases the time to exhaustion (TTE).

Anhydrous Caffeine from Green Coffee Beans

It is a natural stimulant which increases energy without crashing. Green coffee bean is a natural source of caffeine.  In addition to being rich in antioxidants, green coffee can improve cognitive function and even help you lose weight.

Using the seeds and leaves of coffee plants, caffeine anhydrous is produced. After the plant matter has been harvested, caffeine is extracted and dehydrated. In this way, caffeine powder is produced with a high concentration of caffeine.

Caffeine in these forms is a stimulant, which increases energy and cognitive function.

Walnut English

English walnut or Juglans Regia fruit extract is a CNS stimulant. Combining this secondary stimulant with caffeine can increase energy and  cognitive function. In addition, it contains chemicals that can expand blood vessels, thereby improving circulation.

The hormone HORDENINE

It is a naturally occurring alkaloid found in plants. Furthermore, it stimulates the central nervous system, increasing dopamine levels, improving cognitive function, and boosting metabolism to promote weight loss.

L-carnitine tartrate and acytyl L-carnitine

Natural amino acids produced by the body. It has even been shown that acytyl L-carnitine has anti-aging properties and can enhance cognitive function 

Taking L-Carnitine Tartrate dramatically improves the body’s ability to oxidize fat cells, which plays a critical role in energy production and fat burning.

  • Cognitive abilities may be improved
  • Memory and mood can be improved with this supplement
  • It has been shown to increase alertness
  • Lose weight with this supplement

Isosorbide dinitrate

Contains the amino acid glycine as its main component. As a result of its ability to increase protein synthesis in the body, betaine has shown potential benefits for improving body composition, promoting muscle gain, and reducing body fat. Additionally, betaine promotes a healthy gut and immune system by aiding digestion.

Gamma GPC

The brain contains a natural choline compound called L-Alpha glycerylphosphorylcholine. Cognitive function is enhanced by this Nootropic, which increases dopamine in the brain. 

  • The brain’s pleasure centers are stimulated by dopamine (happy hormone). Additionally, this brain chemical plays an important role in memory and motor skills.