Authenticity: Is Authentic Life Coaching for Me? Authentic coaching for living a fulfilling life

Authenticity: What Does It Mean?

First and foremost… Authentic living does not come naturally to humans. That’s why identifying it for yourself and implementing it are life-changing experiences.

Authentic living is a simple choice people make to just “choose to be authentic” and then just start doing what feels “good”, “right”, or “real” to them. Authenticity is what they call it. The authenticity here isn’t real, however.

As a result of an inauthentic story about life, this behavior is actually a behavior pattern. Before they knew that they could write their own story about life, they were given ideas in the formative years of their lives.

Authenticity refers to a quality of being undisputed in origin. The origins of these stories, which most people react to, are highly questionable. It is for this reason that this is not authentic. Active authenticity changes lives, and this is what makes it so powerful.

 An authentic product has an undisputed origin and is not a copy.

My mission is to empower people with life-changing, authentically inspired beliefs that will help them feel fulfilled and authentic in their lives. I aim to help you change your life as a Master Certified Life Coach & Published Author with a background in Psychology, Exercise Physiology & Nutrition. 

As your life coach, I help you improve your emotional, mental, and physical health without blaming, shaming, or guilt. As a result, you have more control and power over your life than you ever thought possible.

We will explore together from an empowered mindset, breaking through the myths and illusions that you were taught to believe before you realized you had a choice. This will allow us to provide a clear understanding of what prevents you from living a truly fulfilling and authentic life.

As a result, you become UNSTOPPABLE in your pursuit of your dreams. No more surviving through a life that you feel like you have to “just get through”. Create and live your most authentic and fulfilling life, now is the time to RISE & THRIVE

What Are the Benefits of Authentic Life Coaching?

Anyone who finds themselves struggling with behavior patterns that are keeping them stuck can benefit from authenticity coaching

Eating for emotional reasons,

-pleasing to people,

Scrolling through social media or the internet for hours at a time

You feel compelled to do something that will make you feel better about your life.

When you feel bored, you fill up your time by eating, watching TV, or surfing the Internet, rather than doing something useful for your life.

You will be able to make sense of these “destructive” behavior patterns in your life with authenticity coaching, and build the tools and strategies to change them in an empowered way. You will come out on the other side of these obstacles with more clarity, strength, and momentum moving toward the life you dream of (as opposed to just getting through these obstacles and feeling stressed, exhausted, burned out, or overwhelmed).

Coaching that is authentic

In Seth’s work with his clients, this is the core of change. It can be quick to make changes at the behavioral level, but they are not permanent. Changing the drive that creates behaviors requires coaching to get to the core of those behaviors. There is no restriction, no resistance, and no willpower involved in this work. As you discover your authentic values, desires, and purpose, you will be empowered to decide with clarity and empowerment what changes you need to make to live a life of fulfillment. We are talking about authentic, exciting, and life-changing change

Nutrition Consulting Post-Coaching

(Accessible only after completing the Authenticity coaching contract)

To live a healthy and fulfilling life, nutrition is essential. A healthy mental, emotional, and physical foundation is essential for a stable life. Poor diet cannot be outdone by exercise. It is impossible to convince an improperly nourished brain to thrive and flourish. Once you have received coaching and learned how to make clear, empowered choices, we can talk about what fuel you are feeding your body and mind.

Individualized post-coaching training

A contract for authenticity coaching is required to access this content.

Seth’s knowledge of how to move a body is extensive, and he knows how exercise can enhance and improve quality of life on all fronts (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual). Over the past decade, Seth has worked with people to change their approach to exercise. In doing so, he gives his clients the tools they need to become unstoppable in their exercise journeys.  After coaching, you can explore the power of personal training with coach Seth to uncover the motivations behind your current exercising habits.