Answering The Common Questions About LONGER

If it is your first time dealing with a company, you may have several questions about it, which is understandable as you want a reliable partner. A discussion about reliable 3D printers and laser engravers is not complete without mentioning LONGER, a reputable company that deals in these utilities.

If you have queries about this brand then you are in the right place. Sit tight as we look at the common questions about this company.

Is LONGER American?

LONGER is a Chinese company founded in 2016 with branches in different parts of the world. It has a branch and a warehouse in Los Angeles, California in the USA, which serves the North American market.

Are LONGER Products Worth It?

LONGER has a wide range of products, ranging from 3D printers, and laser engravers to their respective accessories. The products are of high quality and meet various consumer needs. For instance, the LONGER LK4 Pro is ideal for DIY enthusiasts or people who are just learning the ropes about 3D technology.

On the other hand, the Orange 3D printers are suitable for commercial applications. Peruse the vast catalog to get the befitting product.

Is LONGER a legitimate company?

Credibility is a crucial thing when looking for a legit 3D printer dealer. LONGER is a legitimate firm, with physical offices in Shenzhen, and worldwide branches. The products have various certifications of approval including CE, a hint of their quality.

In case of a problem when dealing with LONGER, you can reach the offices via it 24/7-available call center. An illegitimate company wouldn’t go to such extents.

How Good Are LONGER’s Laser Engravers?

LONGER does not only specialize in 3D printers, it also stocks laser engravers. They are of high quality and will serve you for ages without signs of wear and tear. Additionally, the engravers serve different applications. The LONGER Ray 5 5W is perfect for light uses, such as home DIY engraving tasks. Go for the 10W engraver if you want a product for commercial applications.

The bottom line is that the engravers are some the best you will lay your hands on. Look for their accessories on LONGER’s website.

How Does the Affiliate Program Work?

One of the amazing things about LONGER is its affiliate program. You can sign up for the affiliate program if you want to make passive income. If your application goes through, you have to put LONGER’s banners on your website or blog, and share links with other people.

If someone purchases LONGER’s products via your link you will get an agreed upon commission. It can be a perfect gig if you bring your best marketing game.

How Can I Reach LONGER’s Customer Support?

If you have any questions or escalations that you wanted attended to, you contact LONGER’s customer support team. You can reach support via call or email. The response is fast and the support center is available round the clock.

Final Word

Do you have any queries about LONGER? No need to worry as we present you some of the common questions about the company and its services. Look up the answers to see if you get what you are looking for.