5 Shows You Will Like If You Are a Friends’ Fan

There is no doubt that Friends is one of the most loved TV sitcoms by the audience. It rose to popularity in a brief span and is being watched with enthusiasm to this date. From its catchy theme song to its lovable characters, it is indeed a treat for the eye.

Although it has been over fifteen years since it aired for the first time, people have not stopped binge-watching it and honestly, we do not blame them. It is the perfect show for your evening chilling and somehow it engulfs the viewer into the Friends world.

Do you want more shows like Friends? Do not worry because we have got you covered. In this article, we have listed some of the shows that you will love if you like Friends and they will keep you hooked for more years to come.

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Read up on some of the top-rated shows to watch on-demand and get the best out of your TV experience.

  1.  How I Met Your Mother:

Available: You can stream this show on Prime Video and Hulu

IMBD rating: 8.3/10

Who does not like a show based on a group of pals? Just like Friends, the plot of How I Met Your Mother also revolves around a group of friends living in New York. This show has been compared with friends many times, considering all the aspects. One of the friends is a chauvinistic womanizer, two of them are in a fling and the rest two are married. The show is full of comedy, laughs, joys, wholesome moments, and a rollercoaster ride.

  1. The Big Bang Theory:

Available: You can stream this show on Netflix and HBO Max

IMBD rating: 8.2/10

The Big Bang Theory is hands down one of the best shows to ever exist. The plot of the show revolves around a group of five friends and their love interests. All of them are PHDs except Howard, who later becomes an astronaut. Penny, who is the female lead, is an aspiring actress who moved to Pasadena to pursue a career in acting and she becomes neighbors with Leonard and Sheldon, this is where the story begins. Although this show contains a lot of science jokes, it will not bore you as it makes the show what it is.

  1. Brooklyn Nine-Nine:

Available: You can stream this show on Netflix, Hulu, and Peacock

IMBD rating: 8.4/10

Brooklyn Nine-Nine started airing on TV in 2013 and ever since then, it has been everyone’s favorite. The show revolves around a police precinct in the NYPD. The protagonist, Jake Peralta is a great detective and a comedian alongside that. The series consists of a multi-episode storyline. The characters are all very great and fun to watch. Every episode has a solo story based on some case that is solved in each episode but not in your average mysterious kind of way. This show is guaranteed to make you addicted.

  1. Modern Family:

Available: You can stream this show on Hulu, Peacock, Fubo, Slint TV

IMBD rating: 8.5/10

If you are someone who likes watching family shows filled with wholesome moments then Modern Family is the right pick for you. This show is a roller coaster of emotions and laughs. Modern Family displays different types of families and their relationships, specifically based on 3 families. One of them is a chaotic family with three children, other is a gay couple who adopts an Asian child and the last one is a couple of a relatively older man and a young Colombian girl with her son. All the episodes are fun to watch and end on a very wholesome note.

  1. The Office:

Available: You can stream this show on Sling Tv, Peacock, and Amazon Prime

IMBD rating: 9/10

Just like friends, The Office is an extremely popular TV show based on a workplace, Dunder Mifflin that is a paper company, set up in Scranton, Pennsylvania. This show has over a hundred episodes and fans love all of them. The show displays the relationships between the employees and their daily office routine. The boss, Michael Scott who claims to be “The Best Boss in the World” is full of chaotic, awkward jokes, which the employees find annoying yet they know if it were not for him, the workplace would be boring and so would be our lives, without The Office.

Wrapping Up

If you call yourself, an enthusiast of comedy shows and sitcoms then this article has some great recommendations for you. Just like Friends, these shows will have you hooked and addicted. The fact that Friends has ended should not upset you anymore as we guarantee that you will love these shows.