Unusual curiosities about tea

Tea is a drink that calms the nerves and allows you to find true love. Here are some amazing tea facts. Ciekawostki

Kings of Tea Trees

The Chinese say that tea is a gift from the gods. They brew tea and drink it for any ailments. And how did it all start?

On Mount Liuchasan in China, there are very old trees called gimango. According to the legend, the god of love Remotos called these trees the kings of tea trees. They are about 30 meters high and the diameter of the tree is about one meter.

A drink only for the emperor

From around 1700, the tea drink was recommended by the then physicians only to the emperor himself. The drink was considered an elixir to restore the balance of mind and body. When one of the emperor’s subjects drank tea and the secret was revealed, death awaited him. If you believe the chroniclers, the emperor of China, after drinking black tea, contacted the gods.

The history of red tea

In China, red tea was known during the Tang Dynasty. Whenever the Chinese army went to conquer other countries, the soldiers drank red tea. Apparently, this drink stimulated the bravery and courage of soldiers.

Red tea is in many stores today. It is a healing agent and a means of removing toxins from our body. The most expensive are red teas, matured in mysterious caves for several years.

There are a number of studies on red tea. It turned out that it absorbs alcohol toxins like a sponge and reduces the amount of alcohol drunk.

The Legend of the Emperor’s Son

Legend has it that the young son of the Chinese emperor was allergic to an unknown allergen. Skin blemishes permanently and effectively deterred young, potential candidates for his wife. The young son of the emperor went to see the old witch. She signed a contract with the young man. For help in healing the boy was to give everything that the woman asked of him.

The young man agreed to her proposal. The witch brewed him red tea and began to make body compresses from it. The ailments subsided quickly and it was time for the imperial son to keep his promise. The witch then proposed marriage to the boy, and they soon became husband and wife.