The Role of RNGs (Random Number Generators) in Online Casino Games

Random Number Generators are an important element of online casino games like Fruit Blast slot game. They provide the randomness necessary for fair gaming. All gambling sites with authentic licences use RNG tested by independent gaming authorities like eCOGRA to ensure fair gaming at all times.

This article will explore how RNG works and how they provide fair gaming in online casino games.

What is a Random Number Generator?

Simply put, a random number generator is a computer chip that uses mathematical formulas to generate random numbers. For example, in Roulette, the Random Number Generator generates a random number from 1 to 37 on the wheel. The number generated determines the outcome of the game.

There are two types of RNGs: Pseudo Number Generators (PRNGs) and True Random Number Generators (TRNG). Online casinos use PRNGs. These are preferred because they don’t require external input, such as numbers, to produce output. Instead, they only require an algorithm and seed value, or key known as the initial value.

PRNGs can generate billions of random numbers within a time frame of one second. They ensure you always receive an unexpected result in every game you play.

How a Random Number Generator Works in Online Casinos 

RNGs use a variety of algorithms to generate random numbers that are incorporated into any casino game. The different algorithms used in every casino game contain special instructions to run in accordance with the RNG.

The Random Number Generator relies on various principles that ensure the outcome is entirely random.

Entropy is one of the principles. It is a measure of how unpredictable a set of data is. The more entropy, the more random the outcome is. The RNG draws from a data pool with high entropy to generate a random number. This pool is constantly refreshed to ensure that the next number to be drawn is unique and random.

Another crucial principle is seeding. Seeding ensures that every time the RNG generates a random number, it does so in a unique way. This prevents the same sequence from being repeated when generating another random number. With a different seed value, an RNG can produce billions of unique sequences of true random numbers.

These principles ensure that every spin, card draw, or digital dice roll is unpredictable. This gives all players an equal chance of winning.

Are Random Number Generators Fair?

While there is a common misconception that RNGs are unfair and casinos use them to their advantage, this isn’t true. All casinos must have their RNG tested and approved by professional testing agencies like eCOGRA, iTechLabs, Quinel Limites, Gaming Associates and Gaming Labs International.

It’s always a good idea to check whether any of the mentioned testing agencies approve the online casino you are playing at or if they have licences from a reputable public body.

In conclusion, Random Number Generators are used in online casinos to determine the outcome of each game. The randomness they create ensures that the games are completely unpredictable.