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Our Mission

As a result of the need for unique and extensive question banks, WeCP was born. We have since created the best screening platform in the industry. Each technical recruiter and hiring manager can achieve their goal of hiring the right talent by using our services. The skills gap has been staggering in recent years. As a means of bridging that gap and empowering organizations and businesses, we developed WeCP.

The Story of Our Company

During a random Chai chat in a college cafeteria, Abhishek and Mohit developed a lucrative idea. As nerds, they created a tech screening platform in 2016 out of their obsession with coding challenges.

With its award-winning library of questions, compilers, and the ability to hire at scale, WeCP became the first choice for Infosys, Microsoft, Robert Bosch, Mindtree, and many others (2018). 

Today is the day. Recruiters and hiring managers worldwide use WeCP as a one-of-a-kind tech screening platform (2020 & beyond) to evaluate developers faster and more efficiently.

It was recognized as one of the “Top 4 Startups in India” by Startup Nexus, IC2 in 2017, as an emerging startup by K-Startup World Grand Challenge in 2018, and won Upekkha Catalyst’s “Top SaaS Startup” award in 2019.

A top performer on G2 in the Technical Skills Screening Software category (Fall 2021) as well as a Momentum Leader (Fall 2021).

Concerning Secp

It’s easy to detect cheating and it’s accurate”

As a result of switching from HackerEarth, most of our customers were impressed with WeCP’s AI proctoring. If you’re assessing 100,000 candidates or 100 candidates, WeCP is the easiest way to spot cheaters.

“Our analytics ensure that we do not miss any potential tech talent.”

It can be difficult for enterprises to choose the right candidate from a large assessment database. It wasn’t easy for HackerEarth to avoid losing potential candidates with its analytics. They can hire skilled tech talent without losing any potential candidates by using WeCP.

Questions that are role-specific and challenging.”

Due to this reason, three out of five tech recruiters have switched to WeCP in the past few months. It was difficult to find challenging questions for role-specific roles when they worked with HackerEarth. Having looked around the market for the best options, they chose WeCP.


With WeCP, there is a virtuous cycle of growth

WeCP improves team performance, leading to faster revenue growth and faster growth in your organization

What makes WeCP the right choice for you?

It is complex and riddled with potential pitfalls for all involved in technical hiring. Eighty-three percent of tech talent acquisition teams fail to fill tech positions on time. The process involves posting jobs, waiting for applications, reviewing CVs, qualifying them, scheduling interviews, and chasing hiring managers constantly.

Resulting in a sluggish hiring process, a bad candidate experience, a high time and cost to hire, and a lot of frustration…sometimes even resulting in internal attrition. It’s an expensive problem!

You can hire better talent faster and more affordably by re-engineering your engineering hiring process with WeCP.

Here’s how WeCP works

With WeCP’s complete technical hiring solution, talent acquisition teams can find the right technical talent for their organizations. With our extensive talent pool, you can source quality profiles, eliminate irrelevant profiles with smart filters, assess potential candidates with coding tests and projects, conduct a seamless face-to-face interview, and onboard them immediately.

WeCP: Why TA Leaders Love It

With a modern code screening and interviewing software, WeCP helps talent acquisition teams increase recruitment productivity, build a faster candidate pipeline, automate the skill evaluation, impress candidates, and close jobs more quickly.