Brisbane Fencing – Fencewright QLD THE SERVICE OVERVIEW

Karlka FenceWright, a leader in fencing and gate products, provides a wide range of services and tailors solutions to specific client needs. With services across eastern states, our Brisbane-based team provides:\


Karlka FenceWright provides comprehensive design services for security fences.

We Our Brisbane office supplies and fabricates holistic security fences throughout the eastern states. We ensure that our products meet the highest standards and can be tailored to a wide range of applications through engineering consultation.

We can design and fabricate any of our products to suit your needs, including the following:

  • Fencing made of chain wire for security
  • Security fencing at the garrison
  • Fences made of palisade
  • Security fencing made of Welded Mesh 
  • Gates that swing or slide
  • Gates that slide manually or automatically
  • Gates that slide on cantilevers

Fencing products come in standard heights, such as 1800mm, 2100mm and 2400mm, but we can also tailor-make a product to suit your specific project, adjusting height, width and wire diameter. Enhancing an area’s aesthetics, delineating property boundaries, or increasing security are all common custom requests.

With Karlka FenceWright, we can design the perfect solution for whatever your application may be.

The vast range of Colorbond finishes makes it easy to customize your fence design, ensuring it not only matches the surrounding environment but also maintains its visual appeal. Timber or metal can be used as the base material, which can be reinforced with hot-dip galvanizing or PVC coated wire.

Adding electrified wire or barbed wire to your security fencing can provide you with maximum security. Concrete anti-dig plinths can be customized to meet the necessary depth and width requirements, or it can be extended with cranked or double cranked extensions.

Whenever necessary, custom-fabricated gates can be installed and designed. They come in a variety of options, such as lightweight, heavy-duty, swinging, sliding, and automatic or manual.

If Karlka FenceWright Brisbane offers professionally engineered design solutions, including certifications, for your unique or purpose-built project.

Our team will work with you to determine the best security fence or gate based on your specific requirements, taking into account utility, cost, longevity, and environmental factors.

Karlka FenceWright products are meticulously tested and meet all Australian Standards.

Our 100% Indigenous and traditional owner owned team is fast becoming the premier security fencing company in Australia, whether you are looking for fence and gate design in Brisbane or across the eastern states.


In addition to designing, fabricating, and installing automated gates, Karlka FenceWright is an industry leader in technology.

Automatic sliding gates are a highly popular option for those who desire top-of-the-line convenience. At our Brisbane depot, sliding automated gates can be installed on products such as:

  • A chain wire security fence
  • Fences protecting garrisons
  • Fences made of palisade
  • Fencing made from Weldmesh mesh

Modern gates feature a number of technological features and accessories, including remote controls, magnetic locks, swipe keycards, exit loops, and full-access control systems.

Photocell sensors can be used on automatic gates to emit beams. When the beam is interrupted, the gate automatically opens or closes, making them perfect for driveways and high-traffic areas. In unpleasant weather or at night, commuters can stay safe in their vehicles. Digital timing openers and closers can also control automatic gates.

Intercoms and audiovisual systems with 3G functionality can be installed by Karlka FenceWright when a fully integrated security system is needed.

Automated sliding gates can be used in a variety of situations, such as tight areas with limited space to move, or when an especially wide entry point is required. A cantilever sliding automatic gate features built-in track and rollers when concrete plinths and tracks aren’t the best option. The Cantilever gate is an excellent choice for sites with unsurfaced concrete, uneven ground, or steep slopes because it leaves the ground beneath unscathed. There are a variety of designs available for Cantilever automated gates, in addition to being quiet and efficient.

Depending on your needs and the aesthetic of your environment, Karlka FenceWright can create automated gates and fencing in a variety of materials.

Karlka FenceWright products are meticulously tested for quality control and conform to Australian Standards.

Whether you need automated gate installation in Brisbane or across the eastern states, trust a 100% Indigenous and traditional owner-owned company that is fast becoming Australia’s most preferred security fencing provider.