An outing for the team and the company

Are at home in the Rhein-Main-Neckar region. From Wiesbaden to Bensheim, Bensheim to Heppenheim via Frankfurt (Mainhatten), Hanau and Darmstadt. From Mannheim’s squares to Weinheim’s two castles. The fan-shaped city of Karlsruhe lies between Heidelberg’s historic old town, SAP’s offices in Walldorf, and Bruchsal. Speyer in Rhineland-Palatinate, via Ludwigshafen, Deidesheim, Kaiserslautern, Worms, the Nibelung and Luther town, and Alzey.

No matter what activity you choose, we will make you a team player and encourage a sense of togetherness, whether you build rafts, soap boxes, construct a domino effect, play archery, curling or take a guided canoe tour!

We can help you with your team building measures based on your wishes, needs, and goals. You will receive a customized program. We will motivate and take your team to the top using our special concept for success. With our special bad weather insurance for outdoor team events and company outings, you can enjoy full flexibility for your outdoor event.

Building rafts

Create your own creation and set sail together. Rafts are built by everyone contributing their strengths. A creative team event can be held on any large body of water in your area to bring the entire company community together. After competing against each other, employees or departments meet for a joint raft trip and BBQ. It’s an unforgettable experience building your own rafts with our bo events team.

A soap box race and a soap box building contest

Compete against friends and colleagues by building your own vehicles. There is no better way to build a dynamic team than with dynamic team building. You can add momentum to your team events by building soapboxes and racing them. All generations are inspired by this. At bo events, we provide everything you need and show you how much fun it is to do handicrafts and driving together. Building a soap box requires creativity and craftsmanship. Each member of a group can bring their skills and contribute to the success of the group.

An Ultimate Impulse Response – The Domino Effect

Each team plays a part in the domino effect. To form a large chain reaction with friends or colleagues, you need to communicate and be creative. As different objects move in time, things heat up. A chain reaction provides all the benefits of networking teams and achieving a common goal. All types of groups will benefit from this team building event.

Tour by canoe

Reach your destination together while experiencing nature from the water. A guided canoe tour is the perfect team building activity. Our tours offer you the opportunity to grow even closer as a company or association through a day or half-day tour. In a sporty and natural way, the event promotes your cohesion. Everyone develops a sense of togetherness and reaches their goal together in a playful manner.

Art created by a team

The creative industry can benefit greatly from team building through creating team art. An employee, colleague, or friend works together on an art project. Even your corporate identity can be incorporated into the joint project. No matter how large or small your project is – we at bo events can help you live out art and creativity as real teamwork.

Night archery / archery at night

In our often stressful times, archery has become an absolute trend sport. Here, you can learn to focus, concentrate, and relax on a targeted basis. Work and clubs are not the only places where these strengths are important. As a classic team building event or for your next company party, bo events offers archery as an exciting event. The event can be organized directly at your company or club premises if your space is large enough, at any time of day.

Rally using GPS

You can host a group-dynamic scavenger hunt anywhere in your region, whether in the city center or in the woods. During the company outing, various groups used modern GPS technology to solve exciting puzzles and explore the city. In addition to geocaching as a team event, bo events can develop your own variants of the contemporary scavenger hunt for your company.