A story about us

Our founder Lev Mazur learned about psychohistory and Hari Seldon in Isaac Asimov’s Foundation series almost three decades ago.

His interest in predicting events led him to enter the financial industry in the early 1990s as a trader. Lev has since worked in a variety of financial institutions as a quantitative trader, specialising in proprietary capital, forex, futures, commodities, and equity markets. In the past few years, the global financial trading industry has expanded from serving a few to pretty much everyone with a computer or mobile phone.

When Lev became frustrated with the practices of global brokerages quoting incorrect asset prices and charging various fees, promoting greed and churning and burning users, he came up with Quantfury, a company based on unmatched trading conditions and a transparent business model that is shared with Quantfurians.

With Quantfury, users can gain economic exposure to the price movement of underlying financial instruments without owning or settling them physically. In Quantfury, references to “trades,” “trading,” “buy,” and “sell” refer to user-directed exposures to positions of various financial instruments experiencing price fluctuations, without owning the underlying financial instrument. At the market open on the ex-dividend date, Quantfury users with open long positions in a stock will receive the dividend per share amount announced by the company. Quantfury will pay the announced dividend per share to users with existing short positions on the ex-dividend date of a stock. Using Quantfury for user-directed exposures and “trading” may not be suitable for everyone interested in trading equities, commodities, cryptocurrencies, and fiat currencies. Speculating with capital that you cannot afford to lose can result in losses of some or all of your invested capital. Using Quantfury for user-directed exposures or “trading” should be done only with the advice of an independent financial advisor. We do not recommend that you use or access the information found on this website if you are a resident of the United States or Canada.

Everyone can use it

 In order to make trading and investing as simple and intuitive as possible, Quantfury was designed from the ground up.   In under two minutes, you can get started trading and investing on your desktop or mobile device with unmatched conditions.

No commissions or fees at all, really 

There are other trading platforms and brokerages that charge commissions, borrowing fees, or hidden fees of various kinds.   Unlike other trading platforms, Quantfury does not charge trade commissions, borrowing fees, or any other fees.

Prices as they are

 You are consistently at a disadvantage with other trading platforms and brokerages because they artificially widen the difference between buy and sell prices.   NYSE, NASDAQ, BATS Europe, CME, Binance, and Coinbase’s real-time spot prices are always used by Quantfurians.

Keeping things transparent

 By utilising smart contracts and IPFS, Quantfury’s user trading data is digitised and published anonymously, ensuring the authenticity of the Quant Fury unmatched trading volume and conditions.

You can count on Quantfury’s commitments

A Quantfury experience should always include these commitments from Quantfury:

  • The Quanfurians never charge commissions or fees for trading.
  • NYSE, NASDAQ, BATS Europe, LSE, CME, NYMEX, Binance, and Coinbase are just some of the established global and crypto exchanges at which Quantfurians buy and sell financial assets in real time.
  • It is always possible for Quantfurians to validate Quantfury’s trading conditions via blockchain smart contract, and to participate in Quantfury revenue through ownership of QTF tokens.