APM Salary and Market Trends Survey: spotlight on the project profession 

Association for Project Management (APM) is a professional organisation in the UK that offers a range of training courses for Project Management professionals. APM training programs are designed to provide individuals with the skills, knowledge, and tools needed to manage projects and deliver results effectively. APM Salary Survey is an annual report published by the … Read more


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Tips to Choose the Best Rummy App

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Can Partnership Firms Take Employer-Employee Insurance?

Can Partnership Firms Take Employer-Employee Insurance?

In the Indian business environment, partnership firms are commonplace. An area of query often revolves around benefits like Employer-Employee Insurance. Can partnership firms avail this? Let’s explore. Understanding Employer-Employee Insurance Firstly, let’s understand what Employer-Employee Insurance is. It’s a health insurance policy provided by an employer for the employees. And, it comes with multiple benefits … Read more

Rollo Tomassi: Understanding the Visionary of the Red Pill Philosophy

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