The Top 5 T20 Captains who Rule the Globe

Introduction – T20 cricket, often known as Twenty20 cricket, is a recently popularized variation of one-day cricket that consists of only 20 overs of play, each of which lasts for almost 80 minutes with a half an hour break in between. The Wales and English Cricket Board adopted the T20 format in 2003, which is when it first appeared. Cricket fans and experts have had a variety of opinions on the format. T20 has been popularized because of all the cricket ka video that have been around. The success of a team is highly dependent on how the captain plans the team to play. As a result, immense pressure is always present in the minds of the captains.

Here are the Top 5 T20 Captains in the world –

Dasun Shanaka – Dasun Shanaka is one of Sri Lanka’s most successful recent leaders. Sri Lanka ultimately chose Dasun to be its flag bearer after more than 3 years of occupying the rocking chair of captaincy. An excellent role model is Shanaka. He is also the most important player for Sri Lanka. Shanaka provides the team with a crucial balance. As part of the power play, he bowls and is a master finisher. Shanaka is a whole package, in my opinion. At the moment everyone was waiting to see if Pakistan or India would win the Asia Cup. Last month, he guided the Lankan team in silence to a stunning Asia Cup triumph. He undertook the duty of leading the Lankan team in 34 games.

Babar Azam (Pakistan) – Between 2007 and 2010, Pakistan dominated the game’s shortest format. They had several well-known players at their disposal during that time, and they claimed in the 2009 T20 World Championship. They qualified for both the finals and semi-finals of the 2010 T-20 World Cup, demonstrating their consistency in both tournaments. The team’s performance suffered after 2010 as a result of some notable players retiring. However, the team’s management discovered Babar Azam to be their Messiah. Azam is ranked second among batters with high standards in all three forms, behind Indian skipper Virat Kohli. The Pakistani leader has amassed over 1681 scores with an excellent average of 50.94 in 44 T20I matches. Babar’s career is only getting started, so to speak. In the 2019–2020 season, he captained Pakistan and helped them to six victories. The Pakistani squad has played eleven games with a victory percentage of 66.66 while he has served as captain. His leadership thus far has been respectable. The majority of Pakistan’s losses while his captaincy came from the squad as a whole playing subpar cricket. He ranks sixth on this list due to his respectable victory percentage ratio, nevertheless.

Aaron Finch (Australia) – The whole cricketing community was stunned by the 2018 ball-tampering controversy. The administration was seeking a captain who could bring the Australian team together because it was in turmoil. Well, Aaron Finch proved to be a great captain for the Australian squad. A team that can destroy any bowling combination in the world has been assembled under the inspirational leadership of the Victorian batsman! Speaking of his accomplishments, he has earned 2149 points in sixty-six games. Finch’s scoring rate of 154.05 is impressive considering that the quickest form of the game demands tremendous ball-striking prowess. Finch is regarded to be one of the best batsmen in all of cricket, according to many experts. He has served as Australia’s captain for 39 games so far. The Australian squad has played under his direction for 20 victories and 17 defeats.

Kane Williamson (New Zealand) – Many people had predicted that the Test professionals wouldn’t be capable of surviving in these circumstances during the T20I format’s early stages. They might not have ball-striking skills that meet T20I norms. They were mistaken, though!   Williamson has been exceptionally productive in the game’s shortest format, which has silenced his detractors. The Kiwi has so far played 62 T20I matches for the NZ national team. In addition, he has consistently contributed with the bat, scoring 1723 runs. His capability of switching gears and respectable hit percentage of 125.04 made him a great addition to the team. Williamson has the top mark in the streamlined format, coming in at 95. Williamson has led his team in forty-four T20 international games. The Kiwis have won 20 out of 44 games during his reign. The fact that they played the majority of their games in challenging circumstances and against elite opposition means that this statistic may be deceiving. Williamson can now be found third on this list thanks to this.

Rohit Sharma (India) – India’s captain is among the best in terms of player skill and statistical performance. On his good days, one is mindful of Rohit’s bat prowess. He can take the victory on his own. He is a pro at performing well under pressure and is an excellent player in big games. Individuals that have earned five IPL championships are uncommon. He is fully aware of the players who make up his star and core lineup, as well as the bowlers who will take his wickets. It will be amazing to watch if he can guide India to triumph this time.

Conclusion – One Day International Cricket has been around for over 50 years and is one of the most popular formats in gaming. To date, over 4000 one-day internationals have been played, including 12 of his ODI World Cups. Cricket, unlike football, is a sport in which the captain plays a large role in the functioning of the team. In general, the team captain is the best player and has a big say in his final XI, bowling changes, batting order, etc. Many of cricket’s stars have shown the world that they are the best in their field. Some players are known for batting and bowling. But while some players have become hugely popular for their defensive prowess, many have surprised cricket fans from the outset as outstanding captains.

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