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An employee may be covered for long-term disability under group health insurance plans. There is still a possibility of coverage for employees who have been laid off or terminated from their jobs. Employers are sometimes required to extend the employee’s benefits coverage for a certain period of time. If the employee had LTD benefits while working, they could continue to receive them even after they have been laid off or terminated, at least for a certain period of time.

A LTD policy does not pay benefits immediately. In general, a waiting period of 120 days and up to 6 months must be passed by the insured person after disability onset. Policies differ from one another. A certain period of time may also apply following the end of the waiting period before the insured person can apply for benefits. Nevertheless, applications should be submitted well in advance of the deadline.

What you need to know about applying for LTD benefits

The application package is typically made up of 3 parts:

  1. Member Statement – insured person completes this part
  2. Attending Physician’s Statement – insured person’s doctor completes this part
  3. Employer Statement – insured person’s employer completes this part

An insured person will need a supportive opinion from their treating physician to qualify for LTD benefits. It is not necessary for the Attending Physician’s Statement to provide a diagnosis. Rather, a focus can be placed on how the medical condition affects a person’s ability to work. Obtaining an opinion from a medical specialist is particularly beneficial.

What is the definition of Total Disability?

As long as the insured person meets the policy’s definition of disability, disability benefits should be paid.

In general, group disability benefits cover insured people for 24 months if they are unable to work in their “own occupation” at the time they become disabled.