Alla Violetta is the name of this boutique

There is a large selection of perfumes and fragrances available on the web at It is located near the New Headquarters through Dei Mille, and in the center of the Vomero in Napoli from 1911 onwards 

High-quality service

We received amazing customer service and fast shipping from Naples to Germany – faster than some packages within Germany. This product met my expectations in terms of quality and packaging.

My actual suggestion is this:

It has been three days since I requested six different Tom Ford scent tests on the site, but I still haven’t received them! In general, I am satisfied with my request; however, I believe the delivery fee of 15€ is excessive. The only negative aspect was that it was too short. Since we cannot purchase Tom Ford fragrance samples in Germany, we need to reschedule the meeting. A few urban communities have expensive scent stores where you can test them out. It’s amazing to find out if you can get one of those unique large jugs that cost a fortune over time.

A method that is efficient

It was easy to find the website, the variety of products, the professional way in which the people responded to my inquiries, and the quick delivery, even though I am not from Romania.

Providing decent service and determination

I received my order from Italy to Finland within eight days, got everything I requested, and received extra treats as well. Alla Violetta is an amazing company, and I’ll be ordering more from them. While their website is quite heavy assuming you have a lot of tabs open, I have no complaints about their pleasant determination and fair prices. You are doing a great job! Keep it up!

An item of particular interest

Despite living in Denmark, Allavioletta has the most beautiful scents you won’t find anywhere else, except in Venice. I appreciate the ease of use and common sense of the website, as well as the responsiveness of the correspondence. In addition, the transportation from Italy to Denmark was extremely fast and deliberate, taking only a few days. As well as some exquisite examples, the bundle contained a lot of them. I’m a very happy client, to be honest.

Conclusions based on analysis

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